10 Steps to a Cleaner Bathroom

Which part of the house freaks you out the most when it comes to cleaning? It must be your bathroom, for sure! Bathroom stains tend to be sturdy and quite difficult to remove. They make your toilet look awful and gross, and you don’t feel like using it again. Bathroom stains are not impossible to remove, but just a bit harder to get rid of than your normal spill stains.

So if you are having a tough time cleaning your bathroom, we have come up with ten easy steps to make it spotlessly clean. Have a look at the cleaning tips below from none other than our experts:

  1. Regular vacuuming

A clean bathroom is free from dust and loose hair strands. This can be done by regular vacuuming and dusting. Use soft cotton or microfiber cloths to clean the shelves and light fittings. This will ensure that there are no dust bunnies hiding in corners and no loose strands littering your bathroom mats.

  1. Warm up the surface

Heating up is one of the major keys to a cleaner bathroom. Warm up the surface of the tiles and bathtub by 10 degrees above the normal room temperature. Heating will affect the tile flooring and tub just the way alkaline cleansers do. However, an instant way to warm up the tiles and tub is to use hot tap water.

  1. Spray time

Hot tap water will do much of the cleaning but it is not enough for the tough stains. Drain the water filled in your bathtub and spray a good quality anti-bacterial cleaner on the entire area including the tiles, walls, shelves and sanitary fittings. Make sure to start from a high surface and move towards the lower surfaces to prevent over lapping.

  1. Spread it out

Spraying is also a solution but the most preferred way is to spread the cleaning detergent all over the place. Use a sponge or any soft cloth and spread the liquid cleaner evenly on the tiles. Remember not to make the mistake of spraying all the solution in just one area and then spreading it outward. Apply the detergent to each and every tile to ensure cleaning of the entire area.

  1. Let it settle down

Do you wipe off the cleaning solution immediately after applying it? If yes, then stop doing it right away! This is one of the most common mistakes people make; they spray the disinfectant on the surface and wipe it off without letting it settle down. Allow the solution to sit for at least 5 to 7 minutes so that it can impeccably clean your tile flooring.

  1. Scrub the floor

Once the cleaning detergent settles on the bathroom surface, use a non-scratch brush or pad and rub the floor properly, making sure to scrub the dirt and stains. Remember to use a cleaning solution that is effective for hard to remove stains.

  1. Wash away

Who wants their bathroom to smell like chemicals? Obviously, no one. Most of the disinfectants have a strong odor to them as they contain heavy chemicals. Once the cleaning solution catches dirt and stains on it, rinse the surface with hot water. Then finish by spraying a fragrant room freshener to mask the smell of bleach and other detergents.

  1. Dry it off

Once you are done washing the entire bathroom, it’s time to dry it off! Keeping your bathroom wet all day long is not what you want. So take a dry towel or cleaning cloth and start soaking water from all surfaces. Just make sure to use a different cloth for your tiles and bathtub or counters.

  1. Clean the mirrors

The mirrors and other glass surfaces come next after rinsing and drying off the bath tub, toilet and tiles. Mirrors and glass are the easiest to clean. Just spray any glass cleaning solution on the surface, rub it all over the surface and wipe down until it gets dry. But make sure to keep the glass surfaces and mirrors totally streak free.

  1. Cleaning pattern

Remember one thing while cleaning your bathroom, always begin from the end of the room and then clean the surface coming back to the main door. This way you can easily come out of the bathroom without stepping on any part of the cleaned floor.

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