8 Reasons to Hire a Furniture Cleaning Service

///8 Reasons to Hire a Furniture Cleaning Service

8 Reasons to Hire a Furniture Cleaning Service

It’s good to know that you care about your furniture and clean it regularly, but there is one slight problem: You may have cleaned it but the bacteria are still alive in your furniture, mainly because the detergents or cleaning solutions that you use do not eliminate the bacteria, mold and mildew in your furniture that can grow in your upholstery if unnoticed, and can affect yours as well as your family’ health. This problem could be overcome by hiring the services of a professional steam cleaner.

In this article we present you with eight reasons why you must consider hiring the services of professional steam cleaners.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Process

Steam cleaning is environmentally friendly because it does not use detergents with chemicals rather it uses just water and heat to clean the furniture. So, the next time you rub your cheek against your couch you won’t feel uncomfortable smelling the detergent. Additionally the residue can cause itching and allergy problems in your children and pets. By opting for steam cleaning you make your surroundings safer and sterile.

Less Money Spent on Furniture Cleaning

You don’t have to purchase those expensive sprays that make the outer look of your furniture charming and make it look like new. You could rather save the money and hire a professional furniture cleaning company. Professional steam cleaning of furniture will not only make it look clean and new but would also eradicate any harmful bacteria, mold and mildew that would make your indoor atmosphere unhygienic and your family more prone to infections and allergies. The money saved on those expensive furniture cleaning supplies could be invested in hiring a professional furniture steam cleaner.

Eradicates Bacteria and Mold

Bacteria and mold are not visible to the human eye, but most probably they are present and growing in the furniture that has not been cleaned for months. Just because they are not visible does not mean that they do not pose a health-related threat. These harmful bacteria can build up to the point where they would result in various health related issues in your households. A steam furniture cleaner would ensure that these infectious pathogens are completely eradicated.

Prevents Asthma and Wipes Out Dust Mites

While relaxing on your cozy couch on a Sunday morning, have you ever seen the sunlight making the dust particles visible? These dust particles can cause asthma among children, as well as result in uncontrollable sneezing and coughing. By availing the services of steam furniture cleaning company regularly you can eliminate these microscopic dust particles that would also help eradicating dust mites from your living space and keep your upholstered furniture safe from allergens.

Puts an End to Fleas

Owning a pet should not mean that you have to compromise on your comfort. Steam kills fleas and their eggs, which is why, if you own a pet then you must consider availing furniture professional steam cleaning service for your furniture on a regular basis.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Most people don’t realize the fact that the air quality of their home is dependent upon the cleanliness of their upholstery items. Compromising on the cleaning of your upholstery items can cause breathing problems in the household and reduce your indoor air quality.

Quick Drying Process

When cleaning your furniture yourself you tend to use excess water that would be soaked by the fabric and would prolong the drying time. Professionals employ techniques that leave the furniture dry within hours. The more the drying time, the higher the chances of mold and mildew growing again in your furniture. Quick drying also reduces the possibility of fabric shrinking.

Professional Steam Cleaners are Experienced in Handling Delicate Fabrics

The workforce of a professional steam cleaning company is experienced in determining the type of the fabric that your couch is made up of and the type of treatment it would need for cleaning. If sofa covers are made from delicate material like silk or velvet, an ordinary detergent would make its appearance fade away. Professional steam cleaners would know how to deal with such delicate fabrics and make the material maintain its appearance and last longer.

We recommend you not to compromise the cleanliness of your furniture by having it steam cleaned by a professional steam cleaner. On Time Steam Cleaning is a certified upholstery cleaning service provider. Contact their representatives at 1-888-245-1199 to obtain a free estimate.


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