Allergy-Proof Your Home with These Amazing Cleaning Tips

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Allergy-Proof Your Home with These Amazing Cleaning Tips

Allergies can be irritating and prevent you from getting on with your daily routine. They can cause red splotches, runny nose, flu like symptoms or an upset stomach. However, whatever symptoms you experience, most times allergies are just caused by unclean air and a dusty environment. Regular house cleaning, and ensuring a clean living environment can help you avoid allergies and make you healthier and better.

Regular house cleaning can help you minimize allergic reactions and the symptoms. In such cases, relying on professional cleaners like On Time Carpet Service is a good choice, because not only do they know everything about home cleaning but they also have extensive experience and commendable reputation of dealing with all kinds of spots and stains. Professional cleaners know that heavily scented cleaners, chemicals and sulfates are not the solution for an allergy-free home and to make sure that you live peacefully in a clean and sanitized environment, they ensure that their client’s allergies remain under control by recommending the following.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned Professionally

You might think that commercial brand carpet cleaners can get the job done, but they don’t. Microscopic bacteria and viruses cause allergies, which cannot be removed by detergent quality cleaners. Instead, contact professional cleaners from On Time Carpet Service, who can use all their tools and environmentally friendly cleaning products to safely clean your carpets and make them smell amazing.

Curtains Shouldn’t Be Exempt from Cleaning

Shaking your curtains, every once in awhile, to get rid of dust is not going to cut it. If you want to make sure that there is no dust trapped in the folds of your curtains, get them laundered professionally.

Feng Shui Your Home

Japanese people don’t wear shoes in their homes, at least not the same ones that they wear outside. This helps them keep their houses clean and tidy, free from any impurity or unhygienic materials from the outdoor environment. If you follow the same rule and separate your outer footwear from ones, which you wear at home, you can easily minimize the risk of being affected by any allergies.

Air Conditioning Can Be Your Best Friend

Air conditioner not only cools the air, but also purifies it, thus keeps all of the dust, grime, microbes and pollen particles from getting through its filters. This will help the air inside your home stay pure and uninhibited by allergy-causing microbes.

Vacuum Frequently

Although professional cleaners can make regular rounds to your home, to make sure that your home remains spick and span between their visits, don’t forget to vacuum. Another thing to remember is to choose a vacuum that has an HEPA filter, which doesn’t allow small particles, like pollen, to pass through. If you don’t use a fine filter, then all the dust and pollen will be dispersed right through it again into the air stream, making the environment no better than it was before.

Mold Be Gone

Mold in the bathroom can be unseemly and unhealthy. Not only does it look gross, but it can also be a serious health issue and can be one of the major culprits that cause allergies or skin conditions. Professional cleaners use extra efforts to scrub the tiles and every corner of your bathrooms and kitchen, to make sure that they are free from any stain and mold.

Don’t Fall For Scents

Fragrance-free cleaners might not sound very appealing but when you are looking to make your home an allergy-free zone, this should be your top priority. Detergents and heavily scented cleaning products have chemicals that can be quite harmful to sensitive skin and can cause allergies.

Clean Your Entryway

Professional cleaners at the On Time Carpet Service always suggest to their clients the importance of cleaning out their entryways and paying special attention to the front door and the area surrounding it. The reason for that is quite clear. If the entrance is clean and free from any dust, pollen and germs, then there is very little chance that anyone can carry allergy-inducing particles into your home.

Shampoo Your Hair Not Your Carpets

Many mainstream media sources have often guided their readers to shampoo their carpets. For some, it works sufficiently, but for people with sensitive skin and allergies, it can be a recipe for disaster. Not only is the leftover moisture hazardous to your health, but it can also easily convert into mold or fungus, if left unattended for some time. Another thing to watch out for is if you shampoo your carpet there is a possibility of dust mite development. To avoid that, trust the expertise of professionals at the On Time Carpet Service, and allow them to take care of your carpet cleaning needs.

These are some easy cleaning tips that can help you get rid of allergy inducing particles and elements in your home by simply keeping it clean and hygienic. To consult one of our leading cleaning specialists and to know more about the most suitable cleaning package for your home or office, call us today at +1-5209772810.


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