Is Hardwood Easier to Maintain than Carpet


Flooring is one of the things that our visitors see when they first step in the door; and as a result, if you want to make a good impression, you should definitely ensure that your flooring is well-maintained. At Ontime Steam Cleaning, our professionals will work hard to ensure that your flooring is top-notch in

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7 Steam Cleaning Operations That Can Boost Your First Impression


First impressions are often entirely wrong. Many people have said it, but few people believe it. Your customers are significantly affected by their first impression of your location – even if they don’t realize it. For this reason, professional steam cleaning operations are essential in impression areas.

Impression areas include your bathroom, lobby, hallways, and waiting

The Things Lurking Beneath Your Carpet


CarpetWhen did you last get your carpet cleaned by a professional?

Think you don’t need it because you vacuum the carpet regularly and it’s clean?

We’re sorry to say…

You might be wrong.

If you choose not to get your carpet professionally cleaned at regular intervals, you are actually providing an

Importance of Carpet Cleaning and Mistakes to Avoid


It is important for you to regularly clean your clothes in order to maintain their fresh look and keep them hygienic. Similarly, your carpet requires you to do the same with it. Negligence on your part may prove costly as you may well be required to replace your carpet every now and then, this is

Tips for Increasing the Life of Your Carpet


Carpets have become an essential part of home décor not only because they look beautiful, but also because they give a feeling of warmth and comfort. But those who have carpets in their homes know how quickly dust and dirt can accumulate in the carpets and how difficult it is to clean them if not

Horrors Breeding In Your Carpet


People tend to disbelieve any notion unless they are provided with visual evidence backed with research. The reaction then, is of course predictable when people are told that their carpets could be nurturing dangerous pests and harmful species of bacteria. What appears as a spotless area on the surface could very well be a veritable

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet


According to the instructions labeled on your warranty card, you must clean your carpet every 12 to 18 months. The warranty card also states that you should vacuum once a week if you’re residing near a major commercial district. Furthermore, the vacuum should be CRI approved. In a nutshell, you need not