Is Hardwood Easier to Maintain than Carpet


Flooring is one of the things that our visitors see when they first step in the door; and as a result, if you want to make a good impression, you should definitely ensure that your flooring is well-maintained. At Ontime Steam Cleaning, our professionals will work hard to ensure that your flooring is top-notch in

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7 Steam Cleaning Operations That Can Boost Your First Impression


First impressions are often entirely wrong. Many people have said it, but few people believe it. Your customers are significantly affected by their first impression of your location – even if they don’t realize it. For this reason, professional steam cleaning operations are essential in impression areas.

Impression areas include your bathroom, lobby, hallways, and waiting

Cleaning Wood in Your Home


Cleaning WoodKeeping your office neat and clean is important when providing your staff members with a hygienic and comfortable working environment – making them value and appreciate the company even more. For this reason, cleaning wood floors and surfaces is incredibly important.

Most businesses prefer to have wooden

How Can Hardwood Floors Be Damaged and Repaired


Hardwood floors are worth a fortune and require exclusive attention and maintenance. From scratches to the planks coming off, a hardwood floor can be damaged if not properly taken care of. Some of its worst enemies are moisture and dust. Moisture ruins the shine and finish of hardwood floors, while dust and dirt cause scratches

Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Service to Clean Hardwood Floors


You can’t be a Jack of all trades; everyone needs a helping hand in one thing or another, especially when it comes to cleaning homes and offices with hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors are very tricky to maintain and require special attention and more time. Hence, cleaning hardwood floors can be a very daunting task for

Debunking 7 Common Myths about Cleaning Hardwood Floors


Some myths about hardwood floor cleaning have passed on for ages now, but they hold no ground in reality. Advancement in technology has brought down almost all barriers and there is a lot more room for safe cleaning of hardwood floors. So what was once thought of to be true can now be easily debunked.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Hardwood floors are a luxury which everyone does not have the liberty of enjoying. You might have inherited it from your grandparents or built it up yourself, but proper care and cleaning is required to maintain your hardwood floor with the perfect gloss and shine and an even surface.

Owning hardwood flooring is a difficult

Maintaining Hardwood Floors in Your Home or Office


Hardwood floors can add an element of warmth, luxury, and beauty to your home and office. But as time passes, new shiny hardwood floors can become dull, brittle, and scratched. If you have a habit of do-it-yourself cleaning, then your floors are in immediate need of professional assistance. Let us tell you why.

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