Your Mattress May Be Making You Sick


mattress cleaning nycDid you know that the mattress you sleep on every evening could be responsible for those recent allergies and other illnesses?

Mattresses hold an abundance of dirt and dander and have the potential to make you sick as these particles are hard

Old Mattress? Use These Mattress Cleaning TIps


mattress cleaningSince childhood, we are trained to make our bed immediately after waking up. This is because, when we get back home after school or work, we want to be welcomed with a clean and tidy bed. Isn’t that the best feeling? To just plop down on

D.I.Y Cleaning Your Bed


The number of hours we spend each year in our bed is close to 3000.The cleanliness of your bed and the cleanliness of your house are two separate entities. In order to ensure your well-being, it is important for you to keep your bed clean and germ-free.

There are a multitude of things lurking around your

How to Prolong the Life of Your Mattress


Credible mattress companies provide mattresses that last for a long time period. Such companies are also confident by providing warranties for their products. However, there are mattresses that fail to last long; in fact, they deteriorate quite early. Damages caused to a mattress are a result of not taking care of them properly as they

Why Do You Need a Professional to Save your Water Damaged Mattress


A water-damaged mattress can be a very risky prop to have in your house. If not treated for water damage, a mattress holds potential health risks. The possibility of treating and disinfecting a water damaged mattress depends upon the time they were exposed to the damage. If your mattress has been containing a water spill

How It Is Done: Mattress Cleaning


Most individuals worry about keeping their kitchen, bathrooms and home floors clean and dust-free. However, they mostly ignore the hidden places where dirt and germs hide and populate. Hidden surfaces, like a mattress, can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, harboring dead skin cells, several layers of evaporated sweat, dirt, stains, food particles,