The 10 Best Boat Interior Cleaning Supplies

///The 10 Best Boat Interior Cleaning Supplies

The 10 Best Boat Interior Cleaning Supplies

Have you been struggling to keep your boat interior clean? You’re not alone in the fight. Believe it or not, boats are among the most difficult modes of transportation to keep clean – despite how much time they spend in the water!

Boats are subject to bacteria, mud, sand, water spots, and stains. Depending on how often you use your boat and how often you have a chance to clean it, the grime can get overwhelming. And, it seems, no matter how often you do clean, your boat never feels truly spotless.

What you need, in addition to professional steam cleaning, are the right cleaners.

Here are, in our opinion, the top ten boat interior cleaners known to man:

  1. Fantastik. This stuff is great for wood and grease. It also smells, well, fantastic.
  2. Simple Green. If you’re looking for something eco-friendly and ready for anything, this is the route to choose. Simple Green has a fresh scent and can be used everywhere.
  3. Lemon Oil. If you want your wooden surfaces to shine, this is the best choice for your boat. Paired with a de-greaser and a quality upholstery cleaner, your boat will be shining in no time.
  4. Vinegar. If you need something basic and tough, vinegar is the way to go. This liquid is natural, environmentally safe, and works on just about everything. Use this solution for your wood work to stop mold growth and keep bacteria away.
  5. Boat Brite. This brand has multiple uses, depending on the solution you choose. The algae and stain remover will eliminate tough stains. The hard water and mineral deposit removers will treat water spots. You can’t go wrong with this professional brand.
  6. Dr. Bronners Castille Soap. This impressive solution is perfect for wiping down your boat interior – but it can also be used as body soap or laundry soap.
  7. Dish Soap. You can pick whatever brand you want. Dish soap is a truly powerful way to wash your boat interior. Not only can you eliminate stains, but you can keep the soap to wash away salt water from your skin.
  8. Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Far too many boat owners forget about the frustrations of cleaning an in-boat bathroom. No matter how small, all bathrooms need to be cleaned regularly to keep your boat interior fresh.
  9. Nautical Ease Spray Boat Cleaner. This “excellent” rated cleaner will keep your boat feeling clean for days.
  10. Bleach. Believe it or not, a little bleach goes a long way on pure white surfaces. Having trouble keeping your boat bright? This solution can make the difference.

Of course, none of these cleaners hold a candle to having your boat steam cleaned by the best professionals in the area. Get in touch with On Time Steam Cleaning to find out how we can restore the interior of your boat.

Using our professional and eco-friendly equipment, we will make sure your boat is sparkling. If you’re looking for a new, clean feeling that average store-bought cleaners can’t accomplish, our methods will get the job done. With proper maintenance and regular cleaning with your own solutions, a professional steam cleaning can last for months.

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