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Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning NYC

The maintenance requirements differ for different floorings. Unlike concrete floorings, ceramic tiles impart an elegant finish to the floorings. However, debris and dirt accumulate in the grout spacing and on the tile. The grout can damage and disintegrate the floor over time. Effective methods are utilized by proficient grout and tile cleaners to keep the floors clean. Opt for reliable NYC commercial tile and grout cleaning services by On Time Steam Cleaning if you’re a concerned apartment or home owner. 

Each floor is individually considered by On Time Steam Cleaning experts.  The assessment of the flooring condition forms the basis for choosing the cleaning method.  As an owner, you may have resorted to cleaning the floor with products that may have robbed the strength and shine of the ceramic floor. The color and the texture of the tile changes, if the grout isn’t sealed. This also contributes to the formation of unpleasant and unsafe residue. No stains or residues are left behind by NYC Steam Cleaning’s green cleaners. The professionals on the team will cater to your requests and offer plenty of effective and safe suggestions for your floors.    

NYC Grout and Tile Cleaning Experts

On Time Steam Cleaning experts put in extra efforts in renewing and cleaning your floor. A non-hazardous cleaning solution is applied to the floor initially. This solution loosens out the filth from the grout and file and as well loosens the stubborn stains.  High water pressure and hot water are used later to cleanse away the filth which is taken into a cleaning machine. The water is vacuumed from the tile floors. This process consumes an hour or two, based on the dimensions of the flooring. High pressure machines are then employed to dry the wet surface of the flooring. This process requires thirty minutes and then an inspection is done for probable damage. Sealing is the final step. Once a client is pleased with the work, the professional seals the floor to safeguard against the stains. The floor can be maintained appropriately to preserve the condition.

NYC Marble Cleaning Services

NYC Marble cleaning and polishing services are also offered by On Time Steam Cleaning.  Initially, the marble looks attractive and glossy but loses its sheen with time. Professionals carry out a thorough cleaning of marble floors instead of relying just on water and detergents. The professionals make use of equipments and cleaning solutions that are harmless, non-damaging and effective. Scratches on the marble surface are covered with polishing thus imparts an eye grabbing shine to the marble floors. Within no time, the dull surface of the marble floor can transform into an attractive, glossy surface.    

Dull counters and broken floors are not only unsightly and if ignored can pose serious issues. Many counter tops and tiled floorings have been cleansed by the On Time Steam Cleaning professionals. You no longer have to fear entering your kitchen or bathroom. Opt for professional grout and tile cleaning services that promises you long-standing outcomes.

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