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Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Water damage happens when you least expect it. When it occurs, you will obviously want to reduce the damage by taking action as hastily as possible. Making sure your business is up and running is the number one priority. In the case of an emergency water damage strike, you need to get Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services. You can rely on On Time’s technicians who are available on call 24/7. Using their powerful and state of the art equipment, they are able to extract water from any commercial property.

On the day of your first call, you will converse with a professional restoration specialist for 15 minutes. Due to our extensive collection of drying and extraction equipment, we are able to handle any job irrespective of its size. If you choose to trust in On Time Steam Cleaning water removal services, we will make sure all your claims are covered by dealing directly with your insurance company. We are fully aware of the vitality of getting back your business on track as hastily as possible.

When our specialists arrive on the scene, they begin by pumping out any stagnant water. This is followed by the extraction of water from the carpet, upholstery and padding. If the need arises, the padding and carpet may be removed and reinstalled as soon as they have been cleaned and dried in line with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification or IICRC standards.

On Time’s professional grade tools control the drying process during Commercial Water Damage Restoration, thereby reducing the chances of secondary water damage and the growth of microorganisms. Our specialized tools are used to unveil any hidden drops of water and to monitor the drying process using technical means. Following the complete drying of the structure and its constituents in line with recommended standards, everything is put back into place by our specialists.

Commercial Water Damage Repair Services Worth Relying On

On Time Steam Cleaning boasts of water removal and restoration experts who are in possession of credentials certified by the IICRC or Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This is the certification program which boasts of being the most widely recognized and accepted across the industry. Apart from certification, we boast of technicians who often attend certain special continuing education and training programs run by institutions that have been credited by IICRC. The programs are run throughout the course of the year and we ensure that all our staffers attend them as often as the need arises. What is the point of trusting anyone else? When trouble comes your way, seek the services of experts. You can call On Time Steam Cleaning at 1-888-512-2055. Carpets that are either in your home or office can accumulate bacteria, dirt, allergens and dust mites much faster than you think. These poisonous elements can contaminate the air you breathe and make it toxic, though they are not usually visible. Carpets that seem clean to you may actually prove to be very filthy upon careful inspection.

Carpets are more or less like an air filter in your house. When bacteria, dirt, dust mites and dust accumulate overtime on your carpet, the air in your house will be contaminated with the build up, causing you to unknowingly inhale the toxins. Household carpet cleaners are not entirely sufficient to remove spills and filth, therefore the air you breathe is not safeguarded from these pollutants.

You can however invest in On Time Steam Cleaning services to ensure that your carpets are deeply and intensively cleaned using our economic grade, leading equipment to give you satisfactory results.

  • Being one of the industry’s earliest and most established carpet cleaners, On Time Steam Cleaning has adopted state of the art equipment available for an upward of 20 years.
  • On Time Steam Cleaning uses a deep-rooted extraction approach to eliminate allergy-inducing pollutants and dust mites from your carpet, yet still adheres to manufacturer’s’ instructions and security requirements.
  • On Time Steam Cleaning’s expertly trained technicians personalize each carpet cleaning treatment using a carpet cleaning system that is mounted on truck, ensuring that the treatment matches your specific carpet needs.
  • We pay extra attention to high passage areas, removing deeply-embedded dirt and stains which carpet shampoos are unable to handle.
  • Additional carpet cleaning services such as deodorizing, repair and stain-resistant protective varnish are available to keep your carpets looking elegant and crisp.

On Time Steam Cleaning has Technicians trained in IICRC Accredited Techniques for Carpet Cleaning

Our state of the art equipment not only brings out the best experience in carpet cleaning, but also ensures that our technicians are trained in the IICR approved carpet handling techniques. So what does this imply?

  • The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), an autonomous body, provides the most exhaustive and finest technical training programs and seminars to restoration and cleaning companies in the industry. Their Mission statement reads: “IICRC certification helps to immediately identify the cleaning, restoration and inspection industry’s most skilled and dedicated technicians and businesses.”
  • The technicians are periodically trained by the IICRC to keep abreast with the current and most competent techniques of carpet cleaning. Their certifications accumulate as they train, and they can be promoted to progressive designations with time. The first stage they go through is the IICRC Journeyman, and they can work their way up to the highest level, which is the IICRC Master Status level. This level is the cleaning industry’s highest technical title. In simple terms On Time Steam Cleaning technicians are a cut above the rest when it comes to know how, competence and expertise in the cleaning industry.

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