How Can Hardwood Floors Be Damaged and Repaired

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How Can Hardwood Floors Be Damaged and Repaired

Hardwood floors are worth a fortune and require exclusive attention and maintenance. From scratches to the planks coming off, a hardwood floor can be damaged if not properly taken care of. Some of its worst enemies are moisture and dust. Moisture ruins the shine and finish of hardwood floors, while dust and dirt cause scratches on the surface. If done on time, all the damages done to hardwood floorings can be repaired, otherwise the damaged area will need to be replaced.


You would have noticed the areas of hardwood floors in places where water is extensively used like sinks, etc, are quickly damaged. Moisture can be very harmful for hardwood floors. Manufacturers strongly advise not to use any material that may leave moisture in the floor, like soaking wet mops, steam cleaners, etc. The installation process of wooden flooring is very crucial in this matter as the flooring needs to be acclimatized and at the right level of moisture when being installed. The perimeters should be cleared when installed as inadequate clearance may cause buckling and other issues when the moisture in building increases later on.

Spills and leakages are very common in households, so there is no need to panic if you got some water on your hardwood floors. Remove it using a dry cloth or a water vacuum. The important thing is to give the least time possible for the water to be in contact with the floor.

In case of a lot of water exposure, you can hire hardwood cleaning professionals. They have commercial products and equipments required to eliminate water damage to hardwood floors. Such equipment includes industrial-grade fans that are large in size and quicken up the process of drying the wooden flooring in case of water damage. An additional benefit of using these industrialized fans is that they even dry up the water absorbed in sub-flooring.

Long exposure to water can also lead to growth of mold. This can damage your hardwood flooring; make it look unpleasant, and harm the air quality of your house.


Scratches can not only make a wooden floor look dull and old but also fade the smoothness of walking that hardwood floors are known for. They are prone to scratches over time; which can be pretty quick if not taken care of properly. Scratches are unavoidable over the years; however, they can be lessened and repaired. You can wax the area where the floor has scratches. Use a clean and soft cloth to do this. You can apply a layer of urethane finish kit products to give a perfect look of fineness.

In case the scratches are small and light, you can use fine steel wool to scrub them off. If the scratches are deep, then use a lightweight sandpaper to remove them and use mineral spirits to pick up the dust from sanding. Once this is done, apply premixed wooden filler over the area that you scrubbed. Sand the area again and then pick up the dust using mineral spirit. Finally, seal the area using the same sealant that is used on the rest of the flooring.

Spots and Stains

Spots and stains are also quite a trouble to remove from hardwood floors. They mar the beauty of the exquisite flooring and make it look worn out. The spots can occur because of water spills, food stains, wax, alcohol, or oil, etc. These spots can be removed using fine steel wool, sandpaper, damp cloth, mineral spirit, etc.; depending upon the source of the stain.

Once removed, the area will need to be properly dried, waxed, and sealed with varnish, polyether, or whichever sealant is applied on the rest of the flooring. Sometimes even wax accumulates on hardwood floors, which you will need to strip using odorless mineral spirits an any other product that is particularly made for this purpose. Whatever remains, it can be scrubbed off using fine steel wool. Once that is done, dry up the floor, apply a fresh layer of wax to give luster to the floor and hand buff.

You can even hire professional hardwood floor cleaners to get these things one. They are experts in their field and know exactly how things can be done best. Professional cleaners have the required equipment to remove dark spots and deep stains. ‘On Time Steam Cleaning’ provides all kinds of commercial cleaning services and deal in hardwood floor cleaning as well. You can call them at 1.888.512.2055 to consult about your flooring problem or book a cleaning service. They can also be reached at Hey provide excellent services and can bring you hardwood floor back to life.


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