Choosing the Right Company for Area Rug Cleaning

///Choosing the Right Company for Area Rug Cleaning

Choosing the Right Company for Area Rug Cleaning

Your carpet is your home’s greatest asset. Whether it’s a traditional spread or an elegant fur design, a well-maintained carpet is sure to leave a lasting impression on all your visitors. Like all other personal assets, your carpet also deserves some tender, loving care. You just cannot leave it in the hands of amateurs, especially when it comes to cleaning.

Choosing the best carpet and area rug cleaning service goes beyond turning the pages of a Yellow Book or logging on to Google. The carpet cleaners should know the difference between Moroccan rug and your Grandma’s heirloom. When choosing the best carpet cleaning service, be on a lookout for the following:

License and Experience

All carpet cleaners out there offer “the best of the Best of the BEST services”. But once you put their “bestness” to the test, you’ll probably end up being disappointed beyond belief. At a high cleaning and maintenance cost, you’re likely to get an even dirtier carpet (at best), shrunken carpet (bad) or even no carpet back at all (worst).

A quality carpet cleaning service is licensed and experienced. They’ve been in the business for long and know their carpets well. Their website lists down their licenses and experience. If their business is good enough, they’re likely to end up a permanent rank in Angie’s List. Trust only the licensed and insured companies for all your carpet and area rug cleaning needs.

Cleaning Processes

Homeowners have several options to choose from when cleaning their carpets. Some cleaning services offer steam cleaning, some use wet cleaning and others rely on dry cleaning processes to clean and restore your carpets and rugs.

Nowadays, consumers and businesses are moving towards and adopting “green and eco-friendly” products. This includes all such carpet cleaning products that are non-toxic, biodegradable, abrasive-free and safe from harmful chemicals. These products are safe for humans, as well as the environment. When choosing carpet cleaners, opt for a green carpet cleaning service for the safest and most reliable results.

The Price

Everyone loves to get the best service at the lowest of price. As enticing as the idea sounds, it might not be the best approach to carpet cleaning. Sometimes, cleaning companies quoting low prices fail do not deliver the promised results and their low prices often reflect their low quality.

Some companies quote artificially low prices to gain an entry into the carpet cleaning industry. Once they visit your home for carpet inspection, they’re likely to point several deficiencies in your existing carpet and try up-selling a new and expensive brand of carpets.

This implies that when choosing the right carpet cleaning service, focus more on quality (works and recommendations) rather than the quantity (prices). It’s better to pay a premium price and leave your carpet in the hands of experts, rather than save up money by letting rookies at it.


When you’re hiring a carpet cleaning service for even a free inspection, you’re basically letting strangers walk into your home. Although the employees and services are insured, you still cannot take any chances or risks.

Therefore, make sure to only check out those companies that thoroughly background-check their employees, before hiring. This includes keeping a check on past criminal record, drug and alcohol use and overall temperament. A good carpet cleaning company takes full responsibility for all its employees and performs background checks. It also offers warranties against damages, during the cleaning process.

Included Services

In many advertisements for carpet cleaning companies, the rate quoted is just a basic rate. It normally covers simple washing, drying and pickup/delivery charges. If you need any extra services, it’ll cost you extra. It pays to find out what other services are they offering and at what costs.

Call your carpet companies and discuss the quotes with them, before hiring them for the job. Ask questions like will they move your furniture, do they offer cleaning in high-traffic areas and does it cost extra to clean the stairs. That gives you an idea on their quality of services and helps you work out the best quote for all your carpet cleaning needs.


As mentioned earlier, getting a name on Angie’s List is one the best ways to showcase a business’s commitment to quality. But is it enough? And the answer is a big NO.

Reputed carpet cleaning companies in your area often have a whole page dedicated to customer reviews, testimonials and feedbacks. If you’re hiring carpet cleaners for the first time, it is a good idea to ask your friends, family and colleagues on the best carpet cleaners.

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