Ten Clean Office Methods

///Ten Clean Office Methods
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Ten Clean Office Methods

Your Clean Office Matters!

Let’s Talk About Keeping It Clean

Anyone can keep a clean office with the right staff members or janitorial system. You, however, want to stand out from the crowd. You want customers to remember your office. Even better, you want them to tell their friends and family about it. You want to be known as the cream of the crop – the cleanest of all your competitors.

Accomplish that difficult feat with these ten ways to improve your clean office.

1. Visit the offices of your competitors.

One way to ensure your office remains “the best”? Visit the offices of your competitors. Obviously, these offices should be accessible to the public. If you don’t have access to the office of a competitor, consider holding a meeting with your employees. One of them may have access, or else know someone who has visited the office before. However you can, determine the Office Cleanliness status of your competitors and up your game to defeat them.

2. Hire a team of professional steam cleaners annually or biannually.

This is an extremely effective tip that many business owners forget. Having your office steam cleaned can give each room a fresh feel, including your bathrooms and carpeted areas, where help is needed most.

3. Choose easy-to-maintain furniture.

Some materials are easier to clean than others. For example, when choosing chairs for your waiting room, consider using plastic rather than leather. Upholstery matters, as well. You want to use materials that can be wiped off, vacuumed, or placed in a washing machine. If you choose expensive leather or material that can’t be washed, you increase your probability of needing a replacement in the future.

4. Follow up with your janitorial staff and/or employees.

Contrary to popular belief, employees are imperfect. You can’t voice your desires to your employees and/or janitorial staff without following up, especially if cleaning wasn’t in their initial job description. Make a list of designated tasks (or expectations), then check in with your team once each week to note the progress that has been made.

5. Develop team goals and expectations.

In addition to instructing your team, consider sitting down with them and discussing Office Cleanliness at length. Perhaps your employees have ideas or methods that you’ve overlooked. Maybe the cleaning process doesn’t have to be as complex as you thought. Whatever the case, open communication with your team is a must.

6. Run through your office completely on a weekly basis.

Even though you should check in with your employees and/or janitorial staff on a weekly basis, you should also take a walk through each room of your office at the end of each week. If something seems out of place or dirty, clean it. You don’t need to punish anyone – just be proactive. Make sure the job is getting done correctly. Don’t be afraid to take notes, if you have ongoing concerns.

7. Invest in your clean office.

We all know that Office Cleanliness doesn’t come without financial investment. Just remember that spending money is the quickest way to earn money. You might have to purchase new furniture, hire a steam cleaning team, or give your janitorial team a raise, but you should look at all of these things as investments in your future and the future of your company. You can’t move forward without hard work, motivation, and monetary support.

8. Ask an expert for advice when you face difficulties.

Are you still struggling to keep your office clean, despite trying dozens of solutions? Consider getting in touch with an expert. This doesn’t have to be a professor or a professional. It just needs to be someone you trust. This could be a friend with a particularly clean office, a steam cleaning team member, or a business owner you respect.

9. Don’t be afraid to make significant changes for the better.

Making big changes to your office can be daunting, but each change moves you toward your ultimate goal – having a cleaner office than your competitors.

10. Never compromise quality for quantity.

Cleaning doesn’t earn direct cash. Therefore, many businesses forget about its importance. But cleaning leads to repeat customers, referrals, and more. Don’t compromise quality for quantity. Get the job done right, even when it doesn’t seem worth it – because it definitely is.

At On Time Steam Cleaning, we care about the well-being of your company and your clean office. We want to see your business succeed! Our team specializes in carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, air duct cleaning, water damage restoration, and more. We also use eco-friendly products that guarantee the safety of yourself, your employees, and your customers. After all, isn’t that the point?

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