Furniture Cleaning Services

Every single day, visitors and workers make contact with various workplace surfaces. On Time Steam Cleaning offers professional Furniture Cleaning Services that eliminate dust and dirt that gather on (and in) your office furniture.

Grease, oil and food particles transfer easily to fabrics and furnishings in a workplace setting. Furnishings of all kinds, including waiting room couches and desk chairs, accumulate grime and dirt quickly. On Time Steam Cleaning experts, fortunately, provide assistance in fighting back.

At On Time Steam Cleaning, our experts have years of experience handling a variety of fabrics. Some materials require special care. For this reason, we perform on-site analysis to determine the safest procedure for your furniture.

After Furniture Cleaning Services

Furniture should be deodorized for additional protection once Furniture Cleaning Services are completed. Our professionals are skilled in this area. We also keep your work schedule in mind, offering convenient scheduling to help your business stay on-track. Your furniture will take roughly two to six hours to dry, based on the services provided. You may decide to close your business for a single day – or to have service performed on the weekend.

Call (888)-512-2055 to learn more about our Furniture Cleaning Services! We look forward to hearing from, and working with, you soon.