Commercial Steam Cleaning – Sterilize the Restaurant Kitchens

///Commercial Steam Cleaning – Sterilize the Restaurant Kitchens

Commercial Steam Cleaning – Sterilize the Restaurant Kitchens

It takes less than five seconds to bring a domestic kitchen back into a horrifying state. Imagine what work overload may do to the commercial kitchens. Uncleanness is intolerable in the kitchens – this is place where you cook your food. Now imagine the responsibility upon your shoulders if you are to provide food to thousands of customers daily. Of course, keeping a commercial kitchen spick and span is a tedious job and you cannot stick to domestic kitchen cleaning practices if you are to run a restaurant.

Why is commercial cleaning so important? You may lose your license to operate if proper health and safety standards are not met. Should the customers make complaints or improper conditions cause severe health problems are suffered, the chances for the permit terminations are on the peak.

Interesting Historical Fact about Steam Cleaners – How and when was steam discovered as an eco-friendly commercial cleaner?

It is said necessity is the mother of invention but in the case of steam commercial cleaners, you may freely state that most inventions are a bi-product of mistakes. An illegal Pennsylvanian whiskey manufacturer and inventor called Frank Ofeldt was in the process of brewing alcohol in a garage during the prohibition time period when quite accidentally, steam escaped out of a portable whiskey still, shooting downwards, it came in contact with the floor. The grease, grime and dirt on the floor dissolved. This was an auspicious moment for the inventor indeed. Upon which the defiant manufacturer decided to form a company in 1927 and build a steam cleaner which became renowned as “Steam Jenny”.

Sterilizing with the Steam Cleaners – the Ultimate Response to Your Kitchen Cleaning Ordeal

Steam cleaners are an ultimate solution for commercial cleaning chores. Transforming ordinary tap water into a sterilized cleaning agent – the steam cleaning process is perhaps the most eco-friendly sanitizing and disinfecting process.

Steam cleaners make use of heat and steam released at high pressure. The steam penetrates deep inside the pores, removing grease, debris and dirt particles. It also eliminates bacteria, germ and viruses. The best part is that they do not even make use of harsh chemicals which are harmful. Isn’t steam cleaning the fastest and easiest method to clean the restaurant kitchen?

This superb ability to dissolve grease and oily remains is extremely useful in commercial kitchens. Usage of chemicals for cleaning may trigger allergic reactions in some customers of the restaurant. You may have to succumb into paying for an expensive litigation. The super-heated clean water, in this situation, is the perfect solution to maintain a commercial kitchen in proper conditions. You cannot experiment with other cleaning strategies when you are running a widespread business.

Steam can be used to clean a variety of materials without damaging it. This includes:

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Laminate
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum

Steam is not just apt and removing unwanted particles easily, it is also dries up very fast. So after you have cleaned the surfaces with steam, you will observe that the kitchen floors and upholstery are almost dry.

If you are still carrying around a big bucket of hot water to mop the restaurant kitchen floor, you are old-fashioned and inefficient. Moving a steam cleaner around is much easier and you can clean your kitchen appliances, sinks, dishes, furniture, floor and cutlery too. Some of the steam cleaners also allow you to add a fresh scent of your choice.

Acquire Professional Cleaning Service

Your daily restaurant cleaning regime may be flawless, but you still require a professional steam cleaning company to deep clean the commercial kitchen. This is to ensure that the hard-to-reach areas are also thoroughly cleaned. Keeping commercial kitchens clean is a matter of public health and safety. Therefore, to be on top of your game, you should not let the wind catch rumors related to your food outlet. This is where professional steam cleaning services come in handy – they remove stubborn deposits all over the place and sterilize your kitchen.

Now some of you might want to know the frequency with which you ought to professionally steam clean the restaurant. This depends upon the nature of the dirt, oil, grease and dirt being accumulated. Any honest and reliable company will advise you according to your daily kitchen work.

On Time Steam Cleaning offers professional cleaning services on commercial basis. So if you are looking for a reliable service, you may get in touch with a service specialist by contacting at 888-512-2055. The staff is knowledgeable about their work and tailored strategies for your requirements are executed. Completely licensed and insured, On Time Steam Cleaning makes use of environmentally secure products for cleaning commercial space. Whether it is your restaurant upholstery, tile and grout or counters, you can be certain of desirable results. After the professional cleaning services your restaurant kitchen will have proper hygienic requirements that are expected of any food outlet.


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