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D.I.Y Cleaning Your Bed

The number of hours we spend each year in our bed is close to 3000.The cleanliness of your bed and the cleanliness of your house are two separate entities. In order to ensure your well-being, it is important for you to keep your bed clean and germ-free.

There are a multitude of things lurking around your bed, if you were to know about all these things you would probably rush to clean your bed. If you want to maintain a clean room, it is imperative that you clean your bed from time to time as a lot of dirt can build up in your bed over the course of time. In addition to the dirt, about half a liter of sweat is produced each night by our body which affects the hygiene of our beds.

The dirt and sweat will cause bacteria and other fungal elements to develop on our beds which become a source of health related issues like Asthma, Eczema, and Bronchitis. The cleanliness of beds is ignored by some people for not just months but years, this is often the case when people do not know where to start with bed cleaning and how to get it done. You can clean your bed in a number of ways .Here are some of those ways.

Vacuuming your Bed

In order to remove the dust, debris and dead skin cells that accumulates on your bed over a period of time, vacuuming your bed would be a good option. Your vacuum will suck up all the encroachments on your bed. It is important that you vacuum the foundation of the bed as well so that it is thoroughly cleaned.

Deodorize your Bed

In addition to vacuuming your bed, you can clean your bed by deodorizing it. Your bed can develop a unique unpleasant aroma as a result of the sweat, dust and other things that accumulate on it. You can deodorize your bed by sifting baking soda over it, leaving it for about half an hour and the vacuuming it up. Baking soda will help to neutralize any odor as it is a natural deodorizer. Adding a few drops of essential oils to the baking soda before sifting it onto your bed will help you to enjoy a lovely smell for a few days at least.

Removing Stains on your Bed

The stain that end ups on your bed is protein stain. The protein stain is a result of blood, vomit, urine, and sweat on your bed. In order to prevent the stain from setting it, it is best to tend to it at the earliest. You need to begin by sponging up the liquid stains with a wet cloth and then proceed by sponging up the excess moisture with the help of a dry cloth.

In order to avoid rubbing the stain in, use a pressing hand motion instead of a circular one. Also, make sure you use cold water. If the protein stains are fresh, you can remove them by applying a mixture of baking soda, salt, and water on the area of your bed where the stain is present and then rubbing it off half an hour later. Enzyme cleaners are used by some people to remove protein stains as they are highly effective. It is important that you apply only a small amount of liquid and make sure has completely dried before using it again.

There you have—some ways to keep your bed clean and germ free. While regularly cleaning your bed yourself can save you from a lot of issues, you should make it a point to get your bed professionally at least once every two months. So why is important to get your bed professionally cleaned? While cleaning pillows and bed sheet is relatively easy, the same cannot be said about your mattress. Your mattress may develop dust, pet dander, dead skin cells, or stains, which cannot be removed or cleaned with over the counter cleansers and the cleaning equipment in your house. In such a situation, the only way to clean your mattress is hiring a professional bed or mattress cleaning service.

A professional bed or mattress cleaning service such as on time steam cleaning can provide you high quality and thorough mattress cleaning. On time steam cleaning has all the tools required to keep your clean and germ free. In order to prevent dust mites and bacteria growth, on time steam cleaning will sanitize your mattress properly.

By offering green cleaning, on time steam cleaning goes a step beyond traditional mattress cleaning services. In a natural way, green cleaning gets rid of all the harmful allergens and debris in your mattress. By choosing a professional mattress cleaning service such as on time steam cleaning, you will prevent a lot of health problems and also increase your mattress’ overall life.










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