Debunking 7 Common Myths about Cleaning Hardwood Floors

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Debunking 7 Common Myths about Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Some myths about hardwood floor cleaning have passed on for ages now, but they hold no ground in reality. Advancement in technology has brought down almost all barriers and there is a lot more room for safe cleaning of hardwood floors. So what was once thought of to be true can now be easily debunked.

  • Using Water and Vinegar to Clean Hardwood Floors

Cleaning floors with vinegar and water has been an ages old method but using this technique on hardwood floors can not only damage the maintenance coating but also the wood. Vinegar’s acidity can make the floor appear dull as well. Instead of using home-made cleaning agents, always use the cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer. Woods are of different qualities and vary in resistance and cleaning requirements. So a manufacturer would know best which product better suits the kind of wood used in your floor.

  • Water Is the Best Cleaning Agent Because Of Its Mild Nature

Water does not have any combination with wood. At all. Using water to clean hardwood floors will eventually damage it, void your warranty and cause a number of problems like

  • warping
  • delamination
  • joint-line separation

If you think that a slightly damp mop will not make much difference, be sure that even slight contact of moisture causes damage. Instead you can use any cleaning spray suggested by the manufacturer to create a misty layer and use a dry mop to clean the flooring.

  • Steam Cleaners Can Be Used To Clean Hardwood Floors

Just like a damp mop can cause damage to the flooring, so too can steam cleaners. They are suggested not to be used by manufacturers of hardwood flooring as they can damage the maintenance layer and polish of the floor, causing peeling, a cloudy look, or white spots. Many steam cleaner suppliers claim that their products are good for cleaning hardwood floors but the effect is all the same no matter what kind of steam cleaner you use. Many hardwood floor manufacturers void warranty in case of usage of steam cleaners.

  • Dust Mopping Is Not a Good Enough Option

On the contrary, it is one of the safest and best methods to clean your hardwood floors. There is no pressure of vacuum or the moisture of wet mop, hence, the floors will not be damaged and will have a long-lasting shine.

  • Chemically Prepared Cleaners Damage the Hardwood Floor

This is not true. The quality of wood, its adherence to chemicals and the requirements of its cleaning vary. Chemically engineered cleaners are thus prepared accordingly. You may think a home remedy or ages old method of cleaning is the best option but these cleaners have the agents to not only clean but also support the longevity of life in hardwood flooring.

  • Ammonia and Oil Based Cleaners Can Be Used To Clean Hardwood Floors

Yet again, it is best to go with the cleaners suggested by the manufacturers. Ammonia has a high PH value of 11, which can damage your flooring and so can oil based cleaners as they can make the floor look cloudy.

  • Hardwood Floors Are Hard To Maintain and Take Care Of

This is the most common myth. Hardwood floors are not so hard to care after and maintain in good shape for years. You have to use some basic guidelines given by the manufacturer, follow their advice on cleaning methods, keep a check on the condition of the wood, and it’s good enough. Here is how you can go about it:

  • Dirt on hardwood floor can badly damage the finish of the hardwood and make it appear old soon. This must be avoided at any cost.
  • Dents and scratches are likely to be the next in line when it comes to counting the enemies of hardwood flooring. Moving furniture, dropping heaving stuff on floor or anything which causes scratches and dents must be handled carefully.
  • Water and spills like alcohol, oils, or any kind of liquid for that matter, can cause damage due to the moisture absorbing nature of wood. Prevent the areas with rugs that are most likely to be exposed to water or spills like kitchen sink area, etc.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure as it would cause discoloration of the wood.
  • Regular cleaning is very much needed as otherwise dirt, grit and other components will settle down will be hard to e=remove. However, make sure you don’t use any method like bat beater vacuum, etc. to clean the hardwood flooring that would damage the floor in doing so.

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