The Things Lurking Beneath Your Dirty Carpet

///The Things Lurking Beneath Your Dirty Carpet
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The Things Lurking Beneath Your Dirty Carpet

The Things Lurking Beneath Your Dirty Carpet

Don’t Let Bacteria Take Over Your Home

When did you last get your dirty carpet cleaned by a professionalThink you don’t need it because you vacuum your carpet regularly and it feels clean?

We’re sorry to say…you might be wrong.

If you choose not to get your dirty carpet professionally cleaned at regular intervals, you are actually providing an ideal environment for the growth of many harmful and nasty creatures.

Don’t believe us?

According to cleaning experts, not only can dirty carpet hold four times more dust and dirt than its weight, but there can be more bacteria in every square inch of your carpet than there are on your toilet seat.

Terrifying right?

Carpets are exposed to dust, dirt, and spills. If not cleaned properly, these incidents could turn it into a breeding ground. This can affect your home and family in more ways than you think. A dirt and germ-filled dirty carpet poses several health risks to children, the elderly, and pets in your family. It also affects the quality of air of your home.

Need more details?

Take a look at the following dangers that can live in your carpet.

· Mold

Growth of mold and fungus will more than likely take place in carpets and rugs that are made from cotton, wool, or any other natural fiber. This will not only ruin the appearance of your carpet and shorten its life by affecting the quality, but will also cause various allergies.

By the way, did you know that the spores released from molds and funguses are airborne?

Even a little patch of fungus at the corner of your carpet could put your family at risk.

· Bacteria

We all know how harmful bacteria can be and how quickly it multiplies.Yet, we often end up ignoring its presence. When it comes to carpets, we try to treat stains there. But what about the harmful creatures lurking deep inside?

More than a million skin cells that we naturally shed each hour are the main food that helps 200,000 bacteria survive in every square inch of our carpets.

This, when combined with food particles, pollen, dust, dirt, and the remains of spills makes our lovely carpets probably the most dangerous thing in our homes.

Philip Tierno Jr., an author, immunologist and a microbiologist working at the New York University’s Langone Medical Center regards rugs and carpets as zoological and botanical parks where thousands of different species survive in an ideal environment.

· Fleas

While we all love cuddling with our pets, they can be the cause of many problems – including fleas. Fleas are more likely to be present in homes that have pets and, trust us, you never want to get bitten.

· Pet Hair and Body Fluids

Are you having an allergy that you can’t seem to get rid of?

Do you have a pet and carpet in your home?

If the answers to both of those questions are yes, then pet hair is most likely the cause of your allergy. There is no denying  the fact that pet hair, particularly those of cats and dogs, comes off easily.

Also, only deep cleaning can remove bacteria brought forward by accidents.

· Dust Mites

No matter how hard you try to keep your carpet clean, you can’t protect it from dust. Dust and dirt is always present in our home and easily gets trapped in carpets. If not removed regularly and properly, they give birth to dust mites.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently reported that about 70% of all respiratory allergies are caused by dust mites. And do you know how many dust mites are likely to be present in your carpet?

100,000 per square yard.

Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

While all of us vacuum our carpets regularly, most of us do not know that vacuums only clean the dust that is present at the upper surface of the carpet. Unless you get your carpet steam cleaned by a professional, you are allowing communities of these dangers to survive in your home.

If you live in Connecticut, New York, or New Jersey, dial 1-888-512-2055 today to get assistance from On Time Steam Cleaning!


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