How It Is Done: Mattress Cleaning

Most individuals worry about keeping their kitchen, bathrooms and home floors clean and dust-free. However, they mostly ignore the hidden places where dirt and germs hide and populate. Hidden surfaces, like a mattress, can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, harboring dead skin cells, several layers of evaporated sweat, dirt, stains, food particles, pet hair and debris that cannot be eliminated with just normal vacuuming or change of linens.

If you really want to sleep peacefully and with a clean smelling mattress underneath you, the experts at On Time Steam Cleaning offer the ultimate mattress cleaning solution, i.e. steam cleaning. If you are still unsure about whether to book your appointment today, here is a brief overview how the whole process takes place.

  1. The first step of mattress cleaning starts with our experienced cleaners spraying the mattress all over with an organic, chemical free cleaning agent. This is a gentle approach to getting rid of all the loose dirt, dust and debris on your mattress. The upholstery can become a collection ground for pet hair, food particles and dust, which can account for the bad odors. However, this first step eliminates any such loose particles in the upholstery by mechanically agitating the mattress.
  2. The next stage is to get rid of all the stains and spots that look unseemly and unattractive. Who doesn’t want a mattress that looks just like new and spotless? Our experienced cleaners at On Time Steam Cleaning use their knowledge to get rid of every single spot to help restore the mattress to its former glory. Remember, for deep cleaning a mattress, restoring its outer appearance is crucial and this step will take care of that.
  3. Next, the cleaning technicians will start deep cleaning your mattress by steam cleaning it; targeting the germs, dust, mites and any other organisms that are hidden well beneath several layers. A vacuum, a cleaning rag or any other conventional cleaning product cannot target these particles. Steam cleaning is a safe and convenient way to ensure that no hidden debris is left behind.
  4. When your mattress is rid of any foreign particle and microorganisms, it is rinsed and cleaned with a PH-balanced solution, which is natural and enzyme based. This amazing solution is made from a top-secret formula, which is the specialty of On Time Steam Cleaning and gets rid of all residual particles and dirt.
  5. Voila’! Your mattress is now clean, nice-smelling, comfortable and free from any stain. Now you can dress it up in your linens and decorate it with as many pillows as you want because after our deep steam cleaning you will have the best sleep you have had in ages.

If you don’t think that cleaning your mattress is important, you must be unfamiliar with the amount of debris it can collect over the years. If you have been the proud owner of a mattress for a number of years, then it has collected liters of sweat, dead skin cells, body fluids and other foreign particles that can also provide the perfect breeding space for microorganisms that can prove to be hazardous for your health. If you don’t deep clean your mattress, the accumulation of these particles can severely decrease the life span of the mattress, until the material itself will begin to break up or fall apart.

Remember that without cleaning your mattress you will breathe in these particles each night you toss and turn, which could make you sick. If you wake up with sore throat, itchy skin or a headache, the hidden dust and dirt in your mattress might be what is making you sick. If you want to eliminate these alien threats to your health and want to promote your well-being, consider deep cleaning your mattress after every 6 months.

Although many conventional cleaning products and services claim to “deep clean” your mattress, they leave behind several layers of hidden dirt, allergens and debris. The experts at On Time Steam Cleaning make sure not to make that mistake. Their elite steam cleaning products and procedures allow them to target dirt and any other organism lurking beneath the surface of the mattress. It is a much better option to choose On Time Steam Cleaning as your trusted cleaning service, because unlike other conventional cleaning services in Brooklyn, we don’t use any ineffective, dangerous and hazardous chemicals. We don’t just clean the surface, but target the hidden depths of unclean particles in your mattress, making it look and smell cleaner than before.

Steam cleaning your mattress can provide you with a number of advantages. In addition to being extremely worthwhile for your health, it can eliminate any hidden germs, dirt, stains and bad odors that persist even after you apply all your knowledge and cleaning products at home. At On Time Steam Cleaning, we aim to provide you with a hassle-free, efficient and cost effective steam-cleaning package for your mattress, which can leave your mattress cleaner and better smelling than before. When you are making the decision to choose a cleaning service in Brooklyn, there is no better choice than On Time Steam Cleaning.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today at 1-888-512-2055 and make your mattress a place where you sleep and dream better.


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