The Do’s and Don’ts of Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors are a luxury which everyone does not have the liberty of enjoying. You might have inherited it from your grandparents or built it up yourself, but proper care and cleaning is required to maintain your hardwood floor with the perfect gloss and shine and an even surface.

Owning hardwood flooring is a difficult job because so many things can go wrong which can damage your flooring. But if you make smart choices, you can maintain your flooring in top-notch conditions. Get your hardwood floor cleaned professional while simultaneously making an effort yourself to maintain it in a good condition.

This post explores the dos and don’ts of hardwood floor cleaning, and is recommended by our hardwood floor specialists for you to follow them if you are looking to maintain your hardwood floor and increase its life.

The Dos of Hardwood Floor Cleaning


  • Vacuum


Dust and other particles can damage the surface of your hardwood floor. Other grit and grime, when it falls onto the floor, wreaks havoc with every step that someone takes, encouraging scratches and other marks. To prevent such damage from happening, vacuum your hardwood floor daily or dust-mop it if you don’t have the time. It is best recommended to clean your hardwood floor at least three times a week to prevent any scratches or permanent damage.


  • What, diapers?!?!


Avoiding chemicals is a must in your daily cleaning rituals for your hardwood floors. There are many cleaning products available in the market which you can choose from, but why such hassle when baby diapers work the magic? Baby diapers are very absorbent and soft. They will work tenderly with your dear hardwood floors, buffing them to improve their shine.


  • How-to for Cleaning Foot Traffic


If you have many people living in the house, especially kids, then you probably have a lot of foot traffic. Foot traffic creates many marks because of the oils produced by the soles of our foot, which need to be cleaned so as to maintain glossy flooring. Keep the following tips in mind while clearing foot traffic from your hardwood floor:

  • Use a hand towel or soft rag to clean if you don’t have access to baby diapers
  • Cut a hole in the rag and slide it over the handle of your mop
  • Don’t use excessive water; a little damping will do the trick
  • Use circular motions while cleaning and don’t apply too much pressure on the mop


  • Scratch Prevention


Prevent scratches on your hardwood floor from furniture and other items by using floor protectors underneath them. The guiltiest of the lot are tables, chairs, couches and TV cabinets. Going for felt or rubber floor protectors is a wise choice because you can slide the furniture without worrying about any damage to the floor.


  • Steam Clean


Don’t be fooled by cleaning products which are meant for disinfecting floors. Floors can never be completely disinfected even if you keep your shoes and socks outside. The most effective form of disinfection is through steam cleaners which will guarantee the hygiene and sanitization of your floor as compared to other harmful products.

The Don’ts of Hardwood Floor Cleaning


  • Say No to Vinegar


Contrary to the popular belief, vinegar can actually dull the shine of your hardwood floor because of its acidic nature. Many experts recommend using as less amount of vinegar as possible or none at all.


  • A Rotating Brush Vacuum? No, thanks!


Don’t use a vacuum which has a rotating brush because it can be quite abrasive to hardwood. Use a vacuum with a floor brush attachment for your regular weekly cleaning. If you clean daily, use a mop with dusting agent to pick up dust and other particles, or use a broom with soft bristles.


  • Over-exposure to the Sun


Prevent excess sun exposure to your hardwood floor by drawing your curtains when you are not at home or when it is too hot and cloudless. The intense sun can damage the finish and cause discoloration of your floor.


  • Over-use of Water


Avoid overuse of water and keep its usage to a minimum. Even though the modern floors are water resistant, it doesn’t hurt to exercise some care. Limit water-mopping your hardwood floor to once every two months as dictated by your foot traffic. After mopping, make sure to wipe away any excess moisture.


  • Waxed and Mopping? Don’t think so!


Don’t mop your floors if you have them waxed. But do take care to wipe spills right away with absorbent towels or rags which are soft to the touch.

Why Choose On-Time Steam Cleaning?

Because hardwood floors are very tricky to maintain and difficult to take care of, getting them cleaned professionally every now and then is recommended by many owners. On-Time Steam Cleaning not only cleans your floors, but provides a four step process, which leaves your hardwood floor shiny and spotless, like you just got it new.

  1. First line of attack for dirt and grime buildup – First Scrub
  2. Hand Cleaning to account for the delicate nature and proneness to scratches for hardwood floors
  3. Second Scrub – to ensure that no traces of dirt or other dust particles are left behind
  4. Top coat – a choice between gloss and satin finish, requiring no sanding, proving you with a smooth, shiny and residue-free floor

To get your hardwood floors cleaned in a safer and healthier way which promotes its longevity, contact us at 1-888-512-2055.


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