What to Expect From a Professional Cleaning Service

//What to Expect From a Professional Cleaning Service

What to Expect From a Professional Cleaning Service

When you are looking for a professional home cleaning service in New York or New Jersey, picking the first one that shows up on your Google search results is not smart. You must be able to assess their professionalism and experience from their customer reviews and referrals. But the most important thing is to have a comprehensive knowledge about what really makes a cleaning company good and reliable.

There are average cleaning professionals and then there are some who are really good at their job. Here are some things that you must expect of your professional cleaning service. Absence of these and you must run for the hills or rather continue your search and find one that has all the qualities mentioned below.

Responsive Customer Service

The first and foremost thing to consider when you are looking for a professional cleaning service is the time they take to get back to you. If you contact them or leave them a message and they take their sweet time to get back to you, then that is completely unprofessional behavior. Business professionals who are don’t have adequate customer representative services will not be prompt in their responses and might take days to answer a simple query of yours. Avoid them and choose a company which believes in long-term customer relationships and that response to the queries in a prompt manner.

Licensed, Insured and Bonded

Trust a professional steam cleaning company which is licensed, insured and bonded. This shows their professionalism that they don’t take chances with their services and exercise control and safety in their operations. If any unfortunate or unforeseen accidents happen, they will make protection and safety their primary priority. On Time Steam Cleaning believes in ensuring its workforce and also carries liability for our staff. Making an informed decision can be instrumental when you are choosing a cleaning service.

Expert Cleaning

Our expert cleaners at On Time Steam Cleaning follow a strict guideline, safety precautions and operative principles while they are steam cleaning your house. They will strive to meet your high expectations and will provide you with a professional cleaning effect that is difficult to achieve with regular home cleaning processes. Our professional cleaners will sanitize, dust, steam and clean your home until it shines and sparkles.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

When you hire a professional cleaner, make sure that they use earth friendly cleaning supplies that won’t wreak havoc on the environment. Do your part of keeping Earth green and clean by making sure that your professional cleaning company follows an eco-friendly approach to cleaning supplies and processes. Moreover, natural cleaning supplies will also ensure that your family and pets are not introduced to harsh chemical fumes.

Our professionals, at On Time Steam Cleaning, ensure that they leave behind the house smelling fresh and clean. Our Go-Green business vision is implemented in all areas of our operation.


The most common objective for choosing a professional cleaning service is to save time and money. Residential cleaning is not an easy task, if you undertake it yourself. Our expert cleaners at On Time Steam Cleaning will unburden you from the cleaning task and that time can be spent with your family, at work, or to have fun.


The professional cleaning service that you choose for your home must employee people after a careful selection procedure and a strict background check. Remember that you are letting people into your home and life. Trustworthiness is very important. Our aim at On Time Steam Cleaning is to do security checks on all our employees and to train them efficiently and effectively. We hire only the best and make sure that our clientele can feel that from the quality of work that we do.


A professional steam cleaning service should be flexible. An appointment is not a mark made in stone. If you need to cancel or change an appointment date or time, a great enterprise will accommodate you and re-schedule your cleaning appointment. If they don’t, this is a sign that they are not willing to understand their customer’s’ situation or their problems. At On Time Steam Cleaning, we make sure that we offer our services at the time suitable to you.

Moreover, a cleaning service should be able to customize their cleaning plan, according to your preferences. Most of the time, you want them to target a specific areas of your house. An experienced enterprise would offer their clients a chance to tailor each cleaning package according to their cleaning needs.

These are some of the expectations that you must have with your professional cleaning service. Remember, a great company will have all of these qualities and will accompany it with great price packages. At On Time Steam Cleaning, we believe in all the above mentioned principles and make sure that our clients are not only happy with our services, but trust us for all future cleaning assignments as well. To know more about our eco-friendly cleaning services, call us today at 1.888.512.2055 or contact us.


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