Caring For Freshly Painted Walls

//Caring For Freshly Painted Walls

Caring For Freshly Painted Walls

Painted WallsNo matter how spick and span everything in your house is, your painted walls can still take some serious damage.

Keeping the house clean is a collective drudgery. If the kitchen is organized, floors are polished, mattresses are fluffed and glasses are shining, the walls should be kept spot and stain-free at all times as well. And yet, it seems nearly impossible. Our go-to solution for extremely dirty walls is getting them painted. However, this will only solve the problem for several years. Here are some serious reasons to keep your painted walls clean!

Benefits of Cleaning Painted Walls

1. Dust-Free

The first step to keeping your walls spotless is making sure that not a single speck of dust gets a chance to stay on it. Make it a point to vacuum the walls with a dust brush regularly and as frequently as you vacuum your floors and carpets.

It’s important that this cleaning routine should be picked up from day one after the paint job has been finished. This small act will save you hours of rubbing and wiping later. Just make sure you use a minimum amount of water during the dusting process. Sometimes, just dusting your walls regularly and keeping the cobwebs at bay is enough to make your walls appear tidy and make them last longer without needing a fresh coat of paint.

2. Stain–Free

We all know that prevention is better than finding a cure. Likewise, the same goes for freshly-painted walls – as this presents you with the opportunity to keep it free from stains from the very beginning. For starters, provide your kids with a canvas or writing board. You can also keep an eye out for new stains and clean them as soon as you find out about them.

3. Touch Up Water Damage Instantly

We know that a little damage to painted walls is inevitable. There will be chipped surfaces over the coming months and years. There will be accidental holes in the wall and other sorts of damage that take more than soapy water and a sponge to clean off.

When repairing that kind of damage, instantly take action and touch it up by repainting, filling, and smoothing out the surface. Most of the time, a leak in the water line can damage the wall and causes it to chip and peel. In that situation, find the source of the problem and fix the leak before attending to the walls.

4. Match Your Paint Color Digitally

If you seem to have lost a few inches of color on any part of the wall, you need not buy a bucket again to repaint it and let the rest of it go to waste. A time and money-saving solution is using a computer to match the color. For instance, if a small part of the wall is damaged by a water leak, cut that part out and take it to the store. There, they can use computerized paint matching equipment to match the color. This service is mostly provided free of cost.

5. Keep Your Child’s Room Spotless

There’s no way around it. When keeping your children’s room fresh and new, you’ll have to get it painted frequently. If your children are really young, a repaint after each year will keep it fresh and new until they are old enough to maintain it themselves.

6. Cleanliness

For cleaning spots and blemishes, you’ll need soapy detergent and a sponge to wipe them off. Be careful not to use abrasive cloths, as they can remove the color entirely. For oil-based painted walls, add a bit of vinegar in the washing detergent mix and use warm water to clean the wall surface. You can also use baking soda for stubborn spots.

Most of the time, water damage is too widespread to deal with at home. When the water has not only damaged walls but has also claimed upholstery, the time has come to call in the professionals.

On Time Steam Cleaning is here to help with these problems. We have high-end tools, equipment, and years of experience. Give us a call for more information today!


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