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Keeping Your Furniture in Tip-Top Shape

Do you want to see your furniture significantly improved by Furniture Cleaning Services? At On Time Steam Cleaning, we can help. First, there are some general guidelines you should follow to keep your furniture in tip-top shape before we arrive. We’ve outlined these tips below:

Make a Furniture Cleaning Schedule

Before you can invest in Furniture Cleaning Services, you need to make an effective cleaning schedule for your home. Start by sitting down, notebook in hand, and listing each piece of furniture that should be cleaned on a regular basis. For example, you might have one loveseat, one couch, one entertainment center, two side tables, a coffee table, and two lamps that need to be cleaned in your living room. If it helps to separate the list by room or furniture type, do so.

Next, write the preferred cleaning method next to each piece of furniture. While your coffee table might need an all-purpose cleaner, your side tables could require glass cleaner and your entertainment center could require wood cleaner. Round out each listing by writing how often you expect the piece to be cleaned. A dining room table should be cleaned daily, while an entertainment center can likely be cleaned weekly.

You should also remember there are different levels of cleanliness. Your dining room table should be cleaned each night, but should it also be dusted and scrubbed? This might be your once-a-month task. Make sure to note different levels of cleanliness on each listing.

Finally, once your list is complete, obtain the proper cleaning materials and create a schedule. The schedule should delegate tasks to different members of your family (or your roommates). If everyone pitches in, each task won’t seem so daunting.

Invest in Top-Notch Furniture Cleaning Services

Every six to twelve months, you’ll need to invest in professional Furniture Cleaning Services. Failure to have your furniture professionally cleaned could shorten its lifespan or increase your level of discomfort. Unfortunately, no amount of in-home cleaning can match the effects of a deep steam (or dry) cleaning. Looking for a cleaning solution in your area? On Time Steam Cleaning serves Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. We’re happy to satisfy both residential and commercial furniture cleaning needs. Our team has been a strong member of the community for years – and we take great pride in our ability to give your furniture the thorough cleaning it deserves.

Listen to Guest Feedback

When your guests come to visit, ask them what pieces of furniture they like or dislike. Don’t be afraid to take constructive criticism. Your guests see your home far less often than you do. For this reason, there may be issues they catch more quickly.  The sooner these issues are identified, the sooner they can be fixed. The moral of the story? Don’t doubt the opinions of your guests.

Choose Long-Lasting Material

When choosing furniture to bring home, pick long-lasting material that is versatile, durable, and ready to meet the needs of your home and its environment. For example, you might want to avoid placing a leather couch in a home with four dogs and a cat. You should also avoid pieces of glass furniture if you have young, rambunctious children. In other words, use your best judgment.


Finally, there are some FAQs we’d like to cover about your home, your furniture, and our Furniture Cleaning Services. Let’s get started!

Can On Time Steam Cleaning also dry clean my furniture, if the label suggests?

Yes – we can absolutely dry clean your furniture if its label doesn’t suggest steam cleaning. We want your home to be as clean and safe as possible. This can only be accomplished when directions are followed closely. Steam cleaning a piece of furniture that should be dry cleaned can cause serious damage, and vice-versa.

How long do Furniture Cleaning Services take?

Unlike professional carpet and hardwood cleaning, Furniture Cleaning Services – and their timeframes – are difficult to predict until we’ve had a chance to see each piece that needs to be treated. Once we have a full inventory, we can give you an approximate quote and estimation. Call our team at (888)-512-2055 for more information.

What are some common furniture materials?

Common furniture materials include plastic, leather, upholstery, glass, wood, vinyl, stone, and cloth. Each material is comprised of different “ingredients” and each ingredient should be treated differently. For example, wood furniture should be polished with wood cleaner – not an all-purpose cleaner. Glass should be treated with an eco-friendly glass cleaner – not polished with wood cleaner. Some homeowners believe a single, multi-purpose cleaner can be used for every piece of furniture in their home. Don’t make this mistake, or you may end up needing to replace your furniture early.

What kind of cleaning products should I use?

When cleaning your furniture without professional assistance, we highly suggest using eco-friendly, chemical-free products made from organic and natural materials. You can find these products through our website. We sell Pet Odor Remover, Scotchgard, and Spot Remover. Our cleaning products are made from green materials and are guaranteed to keep your home – and your furniture – safe.

How do I know it’s time for Furniture Cleaning Services?

If your home doesn’t run on a regular schedule, you’ll want to look for the following red flags:

(1) Odd smells or lasting odors coming from couches, chairs, and tables.

(2) Upholstery stained in multiple places.

(3) A general feeling of discomfort in your own home.

(4) Stickiness, wetness, or consistent greasiness.

Our Furniture Cleaning Services will eliminate these issues and more.

Give our team a call today at (888)-512-2055. We look forward to hearing from – and working with – you!