Going Green with Eco-Friendly Cleaning

//Going Green with Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Going Green with Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Cleaning products are everywhere, nowadays. From washing your dishes to cleaning your car, or even going out for a stroll in the evening, you’re likely to come (and sniff) across a plethora of cleaning products. As the war against germs continues, more and more of such products are developed by the minute and shipped by the boatload.

Conventional cleaning products (like the ones all of us grew up with) are petroleum-based. They tend to have a detrimental impact on human health and pose grave implications for the environment. Instead of buying such products off the shelf, here are a few simple and practical tips on green cleaning worth considering:

Buy Green Products

As clichéd as this advice sounds, it is also the least-followed. As chemical-based cleaning products continue to damage the environment and human health, there are several new brands of clean, green and healthy, yet effective, cleaning products in the making.

Such products are non-toxic and biodegradable, since they’re made from renewable resources. Even if the designer labels are too much to bear, you can rely on a range of home therapies and home-mixed cleaners to do the trick.

In this regard, water and vinegar can be used to remove the toughest of all stains and stenches from all carpet, floor and wall surfaces. Mix a few pints of vinegar and warm water, and you have a 100% natural, green and antibacterial surface cleaner.

Be Wary of Antibacterial Cleaners

Most of these “antibacterial super-cleaners” we see on in television commercials and in market shelves are not as effective as we think. Ask any leading cleaning service in your area and they’ll agree. Such cleaners remove all sorts of bacteria from the target area- the good, the bad and the ugly.

In addition, FDA has made a startling discovery. Many of these cleaners pose a risk of breeding “super germs”. These germs are capable of surviving and procreating, regardless of any chemical onslaught brought upon them. Simply put, do not invest in such products!

Toss Away all Toxic Cleaners Cautiously

If you’re opting for a clean and green living, you simply can’t stow away your cleaning products in a cabinet or dump the vial contents down your drain. Most of these cleaning products are toxic and won’t do any good to your home, drain and lawn.

Throwing away all cleaning products down the drain means that they will end up again in your water supply. The best way to dispose of such products is to get rid of them during a community recycling day. If your neighborhood does not hold a weekly/monthly community recycling day, then contact a reliable cleaning service today and find out more on how to dispose toxic products.

NEVER Use Conventional Cleaners

Conventional dry cleaning products are made from an industrially-manufactured compound called “Perchloroethylene”. This compound creates smog that is toxic to humans, animals, insects and plants. When released into the environment, it emits Carbon Dioxide which damages the Earth’s ozone.

Seek out and get rid of all conventional dry cleaners. Even if you do have to wash your clothes or other fabric with a conventional dry cleaning agent, make sure to thoroughly air them outside before putting them on or putting them inside your closet.

Look for a Green Cleaning Service

Individuals are not the only ones concerned with clean living. Businesses (and even governments) are doing more and more to ensure a healthy and sustainable environment for the planet by creating more and more toxic-free and biodegradable cleaning products.

There are several certified green cleaning services available in your area. Such businesses rely on a combination of natural cleaning products to get your home and fabric in a pristine condition. While their services are always quality-assured, their rates may be a little above your expectations. It is always best to do a quick rates survey before choosing the right cleaning service for the job.

Soak up Sunlight

It might come across a surprise, but sunlight is the best anti-contaminant and anti-bacteria known to man. If you have carpets, rugs and bed sheets infested with dirt, bugs and germs, than natural sunlight can work wonders in removing them.

Simply wash up the fabric in vinegar and warm water. For persistent stains, as well as to bring a nice scent to your fabric, consider using crushed baking soda solution. Once the fabric has been thoroughly soaked and cleaned, hang it out on your clothesline on a sunny day.

The warm sunlight penetrates between the smallest of all fabric strands and eliminates bacteria from the core. This leaves your fabric clean, crisp and bacteria free, as well as mildly fragranced.

There are several stains and odors that conventional homemade cleaning products cannot remove. For all such tough stains, contact http://ontimecleaningny.com/ today and let the green cleaning experts do that they do best!


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