How to Have a Healthy, Germ-Free Home

///How to Have a Healthy, Germ-Free Home

How to Have a Healthy, Germ-Free Home

Do you ever wonder why you and your family members get ill at certain times of the year? And do you think about the fact that when someone in your house gets a flu, others follow closely behind? Germs are everywhere and no matter how much anti-bacterial washing products and sanitizers you use, they are bound to enter your life. The question you might ask is how. The answer is through your front door.

Yes, that’s right. You might think that flu is due to the cold, frosty winds or the skin allergies are due to the amount of chocolate you ate last week. In truth, all of these allergies and diseases are caused by germs and the soft corners of your home that you spend a better part of your day lying down on. Think about how many germs and bacteria reside in just your sofa in the living room and if you have a microscopic vision, you will gradually lose your mind over it.

The solution is to make your home germ-free and healthy by deep cleaning it. Our professionals, at the On Time Carpet Service, have a long history of transforming homes into healthy abodes, where germs, dust, and stains are non-existent.

Our experts at the On Time Carpet Service share some of their most useful tips for maintaining a clean, safe, healthy and germ-free home. Here they are:

Be Vigilant When You Are Outside

Although it’s a no-brainer, many people ignore that fact. No matter how clean your home is, if you constantly bring germs from outside, you are bound to transfer them from your body to the surfaces of your home. The solution for that is to wash your hands regularly, use hand sanitizer whenever you can and to avoid dirty places. Another thing that you need to remember is that if you are visiting a sick friend, stopping the germs from getting on you is impossible. Therefore, take a hot bath when you get home and avoid getting in contact with any surface in your home or any family member until you do so.

Sanitize Everything in Your Line of Sight

Our professionals take great pride in disinfecting normal household surfaces that come in contact with your skin all the time. Door knobs, kitchen counters, bathroom cabinets, sinks, table tops, light switches and even the buttons on your electronic equipment are properly sanitized by our professionals during one of their cleaning sessions to make sure that your home remains hygienic.

Deep Clean Your Carpets and Floors

Another thing to consider is how germs enter your home. As mentioned above they get through your front door and infest themselves on the floor and the carpets. Your shoes are the culprit behind that, and they not only deposit dust and grime on the carpets and floors, but they can also transfer unsanitary particles and germs from outside, into your home. Steam cleaning your floors and carpets can help you avoid that.

Soft Surfaces Can Hide Germs

Take a look around your home. Every home has many soft surfaces, like bed sheets, sofa fabric, carpets, curtains, throw pillow cases, couch cushions and many others. If you don’t have a habit of washing or laundering them regularly, your family faces a great risk of becoming infected. Another thing to remember is, you must not let the laundry sit in the basket for longer periods of time, as dirty clothes can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Do your laundry regularly to avoid that.

Kitchen and Bathroom Sanitization

Last but not least, kitchen and bathrooms need regular sanitation and cleaning. Kitchen counters and cabinets as well as any cooking equipment can help the germs breed, as the kitchen is relatively warmer than any other place in your home. If you are guilty of accumulating unnecessary mail, magazines and newspaper on your kitchen counter, or don’t clean your cabinets regularly (because you are lazy that way), it’s time to call professional cleaners. Expert cleaners have the ability to target the most obscure parts of your kitchen and bathrooms, and can sanitize the surfaces until they are the most sterile part of your home.

To make sure that your home is free from germs or any dust or stains call us today at +1-5209772810 and get the help of our professional and amiable cleaners at On Time Carpet Service who excel at their jobs and make the cleaning process a breeze for their clients.


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