Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Service to Clean Hardwood Floors

You can’t be a Jack of all trades; everyone needs a helping hand in one thing or another, especially when it comes to cleaning homes and offices with hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors are very tricky to maintain and require special attention and more time. Hence, cleaning hardwood floors can be a very daunting task for anyone with a number of other commitments in everyday life.

But thanks to our lucky stars, just as every action has a reaction, every problem has a solution as well. In this particular case of cleaning hardwood floors, it would be hiring a professional cleaning service for the job. Here is why:

They Are Experts

While you may be good at cleaning, experts know the technicalities of the trade. They know the right products to be used for each kind of flooring and how to use the. Hardwood floors need to be kept a check on. The varnish may be perishing or the wood might be getting moist, the dust may have settled too deep or the wax may have faded; a professional cleaner would know how to deal with it. You may hire an individual to do all the cleaning but the results you can get from a cleaning company speak volumes on their end.


When you hire professional services, there is a promise of quality cleaning for your precious hardwood flooring. Professional cleaning service providers are responsible for giving the best results. Since you pay, and a significant amount, it provides a factor of commitment from the cleaners and you can rest assured. In case of unsatisfactory services, you have an option of following a professional protocol to communicate your concerns.

Cover the Tricky Areas

Professional cleaners know how to deal with the tricky areas that require special attention like spills, kitchen floors, and grit covered spots, etc. just like you can’t paint the whole canvas with the same brush stroke; you cannot clean all areas of the hardwood flooring the same way. If wax or varnish is perishing in one spot, you cannot clean it the way you will clean the rest of the floor. It may require a different product to clean that particular area; an expert would know better how to deal with such issues.


With professional service providers, you get sanitization as a bonus. You may clean the floors but then making sure they are free from bacteria and safe from infectious, a round of sanitization would need to be in order. Professional cleaners usually make sure to include products that provide protection from bacteria and infections. So you won’t have to go an extra mile to look for that.

Elongates the Life of the Flooring

When the floors are taken care of by the professionals, and in the right manner, their longevity is increased manifold. Attending to the hardwood floors in the right way is extremely important because using wrong products or techniques for cleaning can not only damage their look instead, but also decrease their life. Professional cleaners would know exactly how to clean a particular type of hardwood, which type of product would best clean a nasty spot, how a spill can be attended to while making sure that the luster of the floor is not affected, and so on.

Saving Money in the Long Run

Installation of hardwood flooring is a privilege which you may have either inherited from earlier generations as wooden floorings were quite common a century or two back, or you would have spent a fortune yourself to have it. Keeping them clean and in shape will require a chunk as well, but that amount is not so significant when compared to the money that you might need to spend if your wooden flooring is damaged and needs repairing. Spending money to have the hardwood floors in your home and office cleaned by professional service provides can actually be a sensible investment; one that would save your money in the long run.

You can always count on a reliable professional service provider to make your home shine while you attend to other responsibilities of your daily life. On Time Steam Cleaning offers all kinds of cleaning services. They deal in residential cleaning as well as commercial cleaning. Not just hardwood floor cleaning, they provide services for cleaning tiled floors, carpets, stairways, upholstery, furniture; almost anything that requires cleaning at you home and office.

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