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Hoboken cleaning servicesNicknamed “The Square Mile City”, Hoboken is located in Hudson County, New Jersey and is home to 52,575 people. This small, but beautiful town is 4.4 miles away from New York City and is located on the Port of New York and New Jersey.  Hoboken is known for its bustling nightlife, unique shops, and classic brownstones. Since this town is just over a square long–hence it’s nickname–it is easy to get from one place to another. Hoboken is a huge walking community with shops and restaurants close by and brownstones lined alongside each other. 

With so much to do, who has time to clean their Hoboken home?

Hoboken House Cleaning Services

Our Hoboken house cleaning services allow our customers to keep up with their busy and event-filled lives while having a well-maintained and clean home. We even provide a free estimate before we perform any of our cleaning services. Our customers will always know exactly what to expect once our services have been completed; no surprises or hidden fees.

We provide the following cleaning services in Hoboken:

Hoboken Carpet Cleaning

If you have small children or even own a pet, then you know that keeping carpets and upholstery clean and in good condition is no walk in the park. Carpets are notorious for collecting dirt and staining fairly easily, but what many don’t realize is the number of bacteria, dust mites, and allergens that fester deep within. Vacuuming and using standard carpet shampoos maybe be adequate enough for removing exterior dirt, but it takes a lot more to get beneath the surface and extract the particles that affect the air you breathe.

With our professional Hoboken carpet cleaning services, you will never again have to worry about the contaminants in your carpet polluting the air within your home. Our truck-mounted carpet cleaning system allows us to use a deep extraction method to efficiently remove allergy-causing contaminants, dust, dirt, and stains. On Time Steam Cleaning’s professional carpet cleaning services are guaranteed to leave your carpets looking plush and new.

Hoboken Upholstery Cleaning

On Time Steam Cleaning also provides Hoboken upholstery cleaning services that are guaranteed to make your furniture look just bought and brand new. Like carpets, furniture is used quite frequently and suffers through all the accidental spills and stains that store bought cleaners can’t seem to effectively clean.

We provide customers with the best equipment to take on tough furniture stains on any kind of upholstery material like velvet, Haitian cotton, Jacquard, and more. Once we have established the type of upholstery, our team of professionals will select the appropriate method of cleaning that will work best on your furniture and begin the process of removing stains and even revitalizing its color. Our Hoboken upholstery cleaning services will leave your brownstone looking clean and picturesque on the inside just like the exterior does on the streets of The Square Mile City.

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Our dedicated and highly experienced technicians offer customers high-quality services to restore and revive your home. On Time Steam Cleaning’s array of services also expand to Hoboken businesses as well. Contact us for more information  at 1.888.512.2055 about our Hoboken house cleaning services as well as our business cleaning services throughout the tri-state area.

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