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The Persian rug continues to have its timeless, opulent and lavish appeal even today, centuries after its creation. The most ancient texts mentioning carpets have been discovered in cuneiform writing on clay tablets. And they appear to have belonged to the kingdom of Mari, dating back to the 2nd millennium BC. The magical tales that each and every quality Oriental rug seems to carry in its carefully weaved threads gives the very essence of a rug. No wonder they manage to successfully pervade so many diversified aspects of life, ranging from art, fashion, home decoration, and even concert venues.

The mesmerizing patterns that have an almost addictive feel are preferred by hundreds of thousands of people in the US alone. Unfortunately, and on a sad note, while the making of Oriental rugs does not seem to be heading to a halt anytime soon, not all rug owners can say the same about their prized carpets. Wool moths are the greatest enemies that an Oriental rug could have, besides dampness. They can truly do a number on any wool carpet, and the disturbing thing is they do it almost senselessly, in the dark, over a long period of time, while no one might notice a thing. This is particularly true for rugs that have been kept inside vacation homes you only visit once a year, or rugs that have been stored inside enclosed spaced for various reasons. If you are personally dealing with rug damage caused by moths, here is what you can do to save your beloved rugs.

The Damage Caused By Wool Moths

You are most likely looking at ongoing moth problems if you discover moth damage to your wool Oriental rugs. How is this possible? At the beginning of each warm season, female moths start to look for the best places where they can lay their eggs. Since moths are known to like warm climates, and their lifespan is considerably limited, each moth will lay a few thousands of eggs. The eggs resemble small sandy pebbles. And living nearby a wood will turn you into an almost sure victim. Trees are known to block wind and provide moths with the calm environment they are looking for.

Nevertheless, if your rugs also show signs of food or pet urine stains, they will most likely attract moths. This is because the additional protein will turn the wool into an even more nutritious locations where females can lay their eggs. Given the fact that direct sunlight is known to kill the larvae, you are most likely to come across moths in shady and harder to access areas around your home. Look beneath beds, sofas, and cabinets. An improperly cleaned carpet or a room that is not in use will also enable larvae to proliferate undisturbed.

Just a few hours after the hatching, the larvae worms will begin to crawl deep into the rig’s fibers, in an attempt to escape any source of light. And they will start to feast on their favorite thing on the menu: the wool in your rugs. With their new strength, they will next spin a cocoon and gain more protection against the rays of the sun.

You will soon begin to notice small holes scattered throughout the surface of the rugs. Vacuuming the rig will do nothing more but remove the weakened piles. Thus, the need to use expert services to repair your moth damaged rugs. Companies like On Time Steam Cleaning can help you not only make your home look sparkling clean every time you request them to help you out, but they can also repair your more or less severely damaged rugs as a result of moth attacks.

How To Repair Moth Damaged Rugs

An experienced carpet cleaner who has been in the industry for many years, like the fellows at On Time Steam Cleaning should have no problem restoring your expensive Oriental rugs to their original form once they have been affected by moths.

They will work at re-knotting and re-piling the carpets, while struggling to create the initial, pre-moth attack state and colors of the rugs.

The wool-matching process is by far one of the most complicated and demanding repairs needed. Carpet technicians usually have a difficult time getting the same colors that are a result of a naturally antiqued process. Differently put, it may takes years of wear and sunlight exposure to get the same shades and colors. Since this is not in any way possible, experts have to rely on different approaches.

Get in touch with expert carpet cleaners and have them rebuild the foundation of any damaged rug, get you rid of any remaining moths and larvae, and make horizontal and vertical threads and tie knots around the threads.

This method is a complex one that requires the expertise of professional carpet cleaners and repairmen. It is not advisable to try a DIY project and try to repair your expensive Oriental rugs on your own, unless you are entirely sure you know what you are doing.

Get in touch with On Time Steam Cleaning, your number one go-to carpet cleaning company in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Let us assist you with our skilled personnel and advanced tools and have your beloved Oriental rugs moth- and damage-free in no time.