Horrors Breeding In Your Carpet

///Horrors Breeding In Your Carpet

Horrors Breeding In Your Carpet

People tend to disbelieve any notion unless they are provided with visual evidence backed with research. The reaction then, is of course predictable when people are told that their carpets could be nurturing dangerous pests and harmful species of bacteria. What appears as a spotless area on the surface could very well be a veritable haven for carpet beetles, dust mites, creepy crawlies and germs invisible to the naked eye.

The statistics related to the carpet infestation tell a horrifying story. According to a research study conducted by the University of Missouri, an average house in the United States having six rooms gathers around 40 pounds of dust annually. The underlying problem with this massive amount of dust is that it breeds dozens of different species of mites. A single human being on average sheds approximately 1.5 million flakes of skin in just one hour. Multiply this amount by 24 and you will get the staggering figure for the skin flakes shed in a day. What could possibly be wrong with this natural attribute of a living person, you ask? The thing is that most of these microorganisms feast on the flakes the human skin sheds.

Let’s look at some of these horrifying creatures that your carpet is breeding even as you read this.

Carpet Beetles

One of the most common species of carpet beetles, “Linnaeus” is found all over the world. These particular blackish carpet beetles are attracted towards products made up of animal skin, so quite naturally, your warm and woolen carpets are the perfect breeding spots for them. In the United States, this common carpet beetle species is frequently found in the northern areas. The larval stage is particularly damaging to the carpets. It is at this stage that the insect begins to eat away at the carpets, creating small holes. If the human skin comes into contact with the larval skin, dermatitis is caused. The best way to prevent the infestation of carpet beetles is to maintain good sanitation practices such as frequent vacuuming and dusting.

Clothes Moths

The clothes moths find their way inside the house through the chimneys and are sometimes blown inside the house through open windows. They are commonly found under pieces of furniture on the carpets since light repels them. This is one of the reasons why you never see them. These moths have the ability to digest wool, nylon, polyester, silk and other protein fibers. This means that the spilled food, beverage stains, pollen, body fluids (perspiration and urine), all create a nutritious environment for the moths. Like the carpet beetles, it is the larval stage that is most damaging. The adults are harmless but the larva spins a silk-like tube which creates a protective barrier around it, attaching itself to seams and crevices. The larvae remain stationary while feeding upon the protein fibers of the carpet. The case-making moth larva does not cling to surfaces and remain moveable because of which they cause damage to a greater region. The lifecycle of the larval stage is from 2 month till a year. So just imagine the extent to which these tiny creatures can cause harm.

Dust Mites

(Atishoo!) Did you just sneeze? Do you often suffer from the problem of sneezing and wheezing? Well then, chances are that there are dust mites around. Dust mites are minuscule organisms that reside in carpets, mattresses and furniture and thrive on the flakes of skin shed by animals and humans. Their presence is unhealthy as it triggers asthma and causes a variety of allergic reactions. Dust mites flourish in warm and humid conditions; this makes the carpets the perfect residential neighborhood for the irksome creatures.

How Can You Tackle The Issue?

Your best line of defense against these dreadful creatures is frequent cleaning, vacuuming and dealing with spillages as soon as possible. To a certain extent, the dust mites also get removed by vacuuming. But sometimes, the dirt penetrates so deep inside the carpets that it is impossible to suck it out with the vacuum cleaner. It is also important to note here that you cannot really remove stains, bacteria, mildew, skin flakes etc. by vacuuming and dusting alone. So in order to ensure that your carpet is not harboring any of these horrifying creatures, it is essential that you acquire professional carpet cleaning services at least once a year.

Professional carpet cleaning is also mandatory if you have little kids and pets around as there is an increased chance of carpets getting soiled or spillages to occur. On time Steam Cleaning makes use of the best contemporary methods to extract the contaminants rooted deep inside the carpet. The trained technicians deal with high traffic areas and all the stains to great levels of proficiency leaving your carpet spick and span and making your room fresher. Dial 1-888-512-2055 in order to get in touch with a service specialist.


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