House Cleaning Tips from a Professional Cleaner

//House Cleaning Tips from a Professional Cleaner

House Cleaning Tips from a Professional Cleaner

Having a spotless and clean home is a dream which seldom of us workaholics achieve. You keep trying on weekends, on public holidays, the lucky time you take a leave of absence but you have never accomplished this dream. You might even have allotted one whole day of your weekend to cleaning only to find that you have spent your whole weekend without finishing your set target. But worry not, O’ troubled cleaner! Behold these expert advices and tips from the best cleaners in town – On Time Carpet Cleaning, Inc. which will go miles in helping you clean up more in less time!

Devise Your Cleaning Plan

Always know where you are going to start from and finish off your cleaning marathon. Making a game plan for your cleaning will help you to focus on the tasks at hand and not waver off track. You will end up doing a better job and not wasting any of those precious minutes. And this is what professional cleaners do; make a plan and then see it through.

Spend Your Time Smartly – Make the Most of It

Never even think for a second that you can clean your house top to bottom or through right, left and center. You will just make things difficult for yourself! Instead, make a priority hit list of the areas which need to be cleaned in any case. Generally, the kitchen and the bathroom are the two places which are a dirty mess and have a horde of germs ready to scream ‘Attackkk!!’

The Do’s and Don’ts of Home Cleaning

The Do’s

  • Make use of quilts and duvets to tidy a messy bed. If in a hurry, simply throwing one over does the trick!
  • Always be cautious and take certain measures to avoid future cleaning. Small things such as wiping the shower after every use can go a long way in keeping your house clean.
  • Cover all unreachable corners by mopping to reach under furniture or using electrostatic spray.
  • Always dilute your cleaning products by replacing one quarter of the bottle with water so that it does not get sticky or leave any streaks
  • Wear slippers or socks at home because the oils left by your feet don’t come off easily.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t apply cleaning products directly to floor or furniture but dampen your cloth with the product before cleaning. Always remember, ‘less is more’.
  • Don’t use paper towels for cleaning surfaces because they get torn easily by fingernails or rings and the surface below could get scratched. So, buy some washable cloths or recycle old tees.
  • Never follow the floor but follow the wall while dusting. If you follow the floor, something is surely going to be missed.
  • Don’t swirl while cleaning mirrors. Wipe either horizontally or vertically because swirling creates patterns that show in light.
  • There is no need to worry if you don’t have a lot of time at your hands for cleaning. Concentrate on one room at a time by prioritizing or contact us at On Time Carpet Cleaning, Inc., we will be glad to help you with cleaning your home.
  • Never think of cleaning as a chore; otherwise, you will have a hard time getting it done in time. Think of it as an exercise, and enjoy it because you are catering to your home. Do things that you like doing alone, like listening to your favorite music or an audio book.

Make Your Home Look as Well as Feel Clean

Cleaning your home is one thing but feeling that it actually is, is something else altogether. Pay attention to the following three tips and your home will look and feel equally clean:

  • Refreshing scents that linger in your home not just smell good but they refresh your mind and body. You feel more energized and whenever something smells nice, it is either new or very clean! Dab some of your favorite clean-smelling product on a cloth and just wave it through your house. Wipe some also on your front door so it’s the first thing you notice when you enter your home.
  • Leaving vacuum cuts is so professional. It would look as you have just ordered professional cleaning! It’s a good idea to leave them on the stairs because that’s what you see as soon as you enter the door.
  • Hang your towels neatly and with precision, don’t just drape them irregularly. Also put triangular folds in your toilet paper like hotels do. Regularity and order scream ‘CLEAN’ like nothing else!

These tips if followed through would help in your home cleaning but can never amount to the result of hiring professional cleaners. If your house has not been cleaned in a while and you feel you don’t have the required time, give us a call at (888) 512-2055 to schedule an appointment for professional cleaning services. You can also contact our experts at our office, On Time Carpet Cleaning, Inc 775 New York Avenue, Brooklyn in New York.


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