How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet

///How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet

According to the instructions labeled on your warranty card, you must clean your carpet every 12 to 18 months. The warranty card also states that you should vacuum once a week if you’re residing near a major commercial district. Furthermore, the vacuum should be CRI approved. In a nutshell, you need not invest in professional cleaning services if you’re residing in an area with low traffic and have mastered the art of vacuuming.

In real world, such ideal scenarios rarely exist. Living with a family of 3-4 can take its toll on your interiors, especially on carpets. To make things worse, your canine companion comes with its own bag of troubles. From fleas to skunk odors, your carpet has a lot to deal with.

Whether you have a “vacuuming family” or not, you need to get your carpet cleaned every now and then. The frequency of cleaning depends upon a number of factors. Here’s a more detailed look on how often you should clean your carpet:

At least ONCE a week, with pets

Most experts recommend vacuuming as one of the best ways to keep your carpet clean and germ-free. If you have pets at home (whether dogs, canaries, or even a hamster) that love rolling all over your carpet, then you need to vacuum-clean it at least once a week. It keeps all the dirt, germs, fleas, and abrasive particles at bay, while providing you with a whiff of clean and breathable air.

Make it a habit to wash your carpet once every two weeks. Use a mild soap or detergent to prevent shrinkage and discoloration. In addition, you will need to invest in a quality pet odor removing solution to keep that skunk smell away.

Almost DAILY, with Toddlers

As you’re planning to welcome a new addition to your family, simply creating a new baby room isn’t enough. You need to create the “cleanest” environment in your home as your newborn will be highly susceptible to germs and bacteria. Hence, you should consider vacuuming your carpet on a daily basis and washing it clean as frequently as possible (ideally once every two weeks). Almost all the leading NYC cleaning services recommend that homeowners should avoid chemical-rich cleaners.

Allergy and Asthma Sufferers

While a carpet adds value to your home and improves the overall décor, it is (unfortunately) a source of pain and discomfort for asthma patients, if not maintained properly. In contrast, a regularly cleaned and well-maintained carpet can be the biggest filter for your home and prove healthy for such individuals. It is not unreasonable to clean your carpet every 6 months if you (or your family) have asthma.

Mind the Fabric

A typical carpet contains either polyester or olefin fabrics. While such material is durable and lasts long, it can easily absorb oil. Not just cooking oil, but even your body oils can be easily absorbed by the carpet. So every time your carpet starts giving off that “feet smell”, it is best to call in professional help. For starters, fabric washing should be done at least once every 3 months.

Clean All Spills ASAP

Rubbing a stain on your carpet can make it spread out and distort the color, quality and overall fluffiness. Waiting till the spillage dries only pushes the liquid further within the fabrics. The result is a large and prominent tea/coffee/soda stain that sticks out on your carpet.

When it comes to cleaning a spill, do not wait. Use a spray carpet cleaner on a cloth to soak up the stain. Rinse with a clean cloth in a similar manner. Once the stain has been cleaned, blot dry your carpet. If there is any spillage leftover, pile over a stack of paper towels and put a heavy vase or pot on top. Leave the towel overnight to ensure that the moisture is fully absorbed.

Spring Cleaning and Fall Cleaning

Area rugs and carpets vary in terms of their quality, intended usage, and maintenance needs. When buying either, make sure to read the instructions carefully and maintain a cleaning schedule. Professional cleaning experts in NYC recommend that you should vacuum carpets with the same frequency as you clean your carpets.

Deep-cleaning should (ideally) be done at least once every six months, with the help of good old broom-beating. Take your rugs outside, shake them out and beat them clean with an actual broom. Don’t forget to cover your face with a mask to prevent a violent allergic reaction to the flying dust!

Call in Help!

With the bustling population and busy life in New York, carpet cleaning becomes difficult. If your carpet looks like a rag (or even smells like one), do not procrastinate. Contact the best professional cleaning services in NYC today and give your carpet a brand new look, without draining your budget! Click here to learn more.


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