Kitchen Cleaning Tips From The Pros

///Kitchen Cleaning Tips From The Pros

Kitchen Cleaning Tips From The Pros



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Why is kitchen cleaning so important?

Well, if we go by the words of Charles Gerba, a professor of environmental biology at the University of Arizona, the toilet seat of an average home is the cleanest place.

Sound disturbing?

While we’ve been thinking it’s the dirtiest place in our home, Charles Gerba holds a totally opposite opinion.

He claims the toilet seat has the least number of bacteria in the entire home.

How is that even possible? Isn’t kitchen supposed to be the cleanest of all?

Ideally it should be – but facts tell us a different story. According to experts, our kitchen cutting boards contain 200 times more feces bacteria, called fecal coliforms, than the commode in our toilets. Why? It’s all thanks to our common kitchen cleaning practices.

Let’s face the reality.

What do the majority of us do after using a cutting board, particularly when we are in a rush?

We just rinse the board with water.

This is just one example. Think about the dirty tile grout, sponges that we use to wash dishes, counter top, cabinets, stove, and oven. In fact, every inch of your kitchen could be a home to colonies of bacteria, insects, and other germs if we clean improperly.

So, what’s the right way?

Here are some everyday kitchen cleaning tips from the pros!

1. Cutting Board

Let’s start by talking about cutting board cleaning. The simplest way to properly clean your cutting board is to wash it in the dishwasher after each use, even if you haven’t used it directly – but set things on it instead.

2. Tiles and Backsplash

Prepare your own cleaner by combining two gallons of water and half a cup of baking soda. Use this mixture to wash your  kitchen tiles and to clean backsplashes.

3. Wood Floors

If you have wood flooring in kitchen, your task is doubled. Not only do you have to clean it properly, but you need to make sure it retains its shine. Mix one part of white vinegar with nine parts of warm water. This simple mixture will do the trick.

4. Faucet and Sink

Kitchen sink and faucets get tarnished with time. Why not use your favorite ketchup to clean them? Believe it or not, ketchup works like magic to remove tarnish from metal faucets, sinks, and fixtures.

5. Burners

Greasy burners are perhaps the hardest part of kitchen cleaning. Remove the burners from the stove and clean them with a soft cloth using dish soap. Now, make a thick paste by mixing baking soda and water. Apply it on tough stains or grease and leave for twenty to thirty minutes. Now, gently scrub the burners and wash with water.

6. Keep Houseflies at Bay

Add one or two drops of clove essential oil to all of your DIY kitchen cleaning projects to keep the houseflies away.

This tip can be used for other areas of your home as well.

Don’t Forget to Deep Clean Every Few Months!

By using all of these tips and tricks, you can enjoy deep kitchen cleaning, without the hassle. Make sure to get your kitchen professionally steam cleaned every few months to keep it shining.

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