Look closely at your living room or bedroom carpet. Do you notice any holes or entire chunks of missing fibers? A close inspection could reveal some horrendous effects of a moth infestation you had no idea was underway inside your home. You may even notice an entire colony of moths, adult and larvae resting on your expensive Turkish rugs or woven carpets. First of all, do not panic. It’s a common issue lots of people are confronted with periodically. Moths love natural fibers and cotton, silk and wool used in carpet manufacturing is their favorite food. Secondly, there are quick and efficient solutions you can use to prevent the infestation from spreading and causing even more damage. The On Time Steam Cleaning crew specializes in the entire array of moth damage repair, moth cleaning and moth assessment. We warmly advise you to get in touch with us straight away if you notice any signs of larvae or adult moths flying around your carpets or leather upholstery.

Moth Control And Cleaning Services We Offer

  • moth inspection for homes and commercial spaces
  • moth removal services
  • carpet moth damage restoration
  • moth control services

What Can You Do?

Keep in mind there are more than 12,000 different species of moths in North America at the moment, but only very few of them are known to actually cause any real damages. Carpet and clothes moth infestations can spread at fast speeds and they can easily go unnoticed, especially if they occur in vacation homes that are not used very frequently. Moths prefer to hatch their eggs in dark, secluded areas where they are not easily noticeable, which makes it more difficult to identify them from an early stage of their life cycles.

Remember spotting flying adult moths on your carpets and eradicating them with special insect or moth sprays means doing only half the job. The real danger is represented by the larvae that like to eat away at the wool found in precious Oriental and Turkish rugs. Stay vigilant and keep your eyes closed for any signs of larvae: holes, discolored or damaged carpet areas, moths flying inside the house at night.

Professional Carpet Moth Inspection Services

Don’t waste any precious time on DIY moth removal methods you may find online. They won’t do the trick and you will end up getting rid of a very small number of adult moths instead of tacking the real issue: the larvae and their eggs. Moths like to hide in every crack and carpet/upholstery fiber they can find, which makes spotting them with the naked eye a lot more difficult. Regular moth sprays are only efficient when it comes to adult moths, not to mention how toxic and harmful they are for your health. As soon as you notice even the smallest sign of a moth infestation, pick up the call and get in touch with us. We have the right skills, tools and knowledge on how to effectively remove all traces of moths from your home without too much hassle.

Our moth inspection services include thorough rug assessments in search of any signs of missing wool on the back of the rugs or beneath sofas and beds, as well as small white larvae which can be found in casings. We will also pay attention to any black grit that resembles sand. Beware of the fact that an adult female moth can easily lay hundreds of eggs at a time, and they usually choose undisturbed areas like carpets that have not been cleaned in ages for nesting.

If for some reason you have not been able to clean and maintain your home as clean as you should, get in touch with us. We specialize in professional carpet cleaning with safe procedures at fast speeds and affordable rates. Let us give your carpeting the care it needs and help you considerably lower the risk of moth infestation and cross contamination in case of a light infestation.

Moth Removal Services

Upon giving us a call, we will arrive at your location at your desired date and time (the sooner, the better when it comes to carpet moth damage). We will remove the infected areas from your home or office and carefully assess them in direct sunlight. The inspection will be done on both sides of your rugs for proper results. We will then proceed to vacuum the dead adult moths and larvae with industrial, powerful vacuum cleaners. We will then proceed to steam washing and cleaning your carpets, further removing any last traces of moths that might have escaped the vacuuming session. The hot steam will thoroughly clean and disinfect tour carpets and area rugs.

Moth Damage Carpet Repairs

Our well-trained, experienced and IICRC-approved carpet technicians will then proceed to fix any traces of moth damage, including holes and disruptions in the woven areas or fringes. We handle color and design/pattern matching and we rely on advanced repair techniques we do not recommend you try at home.

Unless you are ready to try a drastic solution like having your infested carpets sealed and frozen for a while to get rid of the moths, we strongly urge you to contact us and let us provide you with the fastest, most reliable and affordable solutions possible. Call today and take your beloved carpets back!