Maintaining Hardwood Floors in Your Home or Office

///Maintaining Hardwood Floors in Your Home or Office

Maintaining Hardwood Floors in Your Home or Office

Hardwood floors can add an element of warmth, luxury, and beauty to your home and office. But as time passes, new shiny hardwood floors can become dull, brittle, and scratched. If you have a habit of do-it-yourself cleaning, then your floors are in immediate need of professional assistance. Let us tell you why.

Expert Knowledge Can Streamline the Process Considerably

Professional steam cleaning services have expert knowledge regarding how to clean every type of hardwood floor. The type of wood, the local climate, and even the size of the room can make a huge difference when it comes to cleaning your hardwood floor. If you have a habit of cleaning your hardwood floor with vinegar and water solution, because the folks on the internet swear by that home remedy, you must have begin to notice the fraying effects of the acidic nature of vinegar.

Home Cleaning Is Not Enough

Hardwood floors are rare and they must be cherished and given the attention that they deserve. Mopping them up with water will not only cause them to look dull, but as time passes, you will notice discoloration in some parts. There are several ways to clean a hardwood floor and a professional cleaning service will make sure that they provide you with a specifically tailored cleaning package, which will suit the type and condition of your hardwood floors ideally.

Cleaning Every Crevice Is Important

At On Time Steam Cleaning, we believe in quality and a great customer experience. Our experts are equipped with innovative technological cleaning tools that assist them in deep cleaning your hardwood floor. If you are unable to get rid of the dust and grime stuck between the boards of your hardwood floor, professional cleaners will be able to do that in a matter of minutes. This perfection and attention to detail is not magic but rather a product of years of experience.

If you want to dramatically enhance the appearance of your hardwood floor by deep cleaning the micro-bevels and minute crevices, then hiring a professional cleaner is the most feasible option. If you are thinking about cleaning your hardwood floor by using homemade methods, remember that you are merely pushing the dirt around, causing it to accumulate in hard-to-reach places.

Why You Should Hire Professional Steam Cleaners

A professional hardwood cleaning service in New York and New Jersey will follow a step-by-step procedure to make sure that after their visit, your floor shines with a new glow and luster.

  1. The first and foremost thing that every professional cleaner will do is to inspect the floor and discuss the cleaning option with the owner. This can help them customize the cleaning plan according to the preferences and budget of the owner. Moreover, the owner might want the cleaners to focus on something specific; for example, if they want a high-shine finish or a matte look or if they require the professionals to remove furniture from the room or not. Remember, consultation is very important as it will be the foundation of quality performance by the professional cleaners.
  2. The next thing that professional cleaners will do is remove the dust and any other miscellaneous large particles that are on the floor. For that, they can either use a vacuum or a broom.
  3. At On Time Steam Cleaning, we offer our clients the chance to deep clean their hardwood floors by our specialized Wood Floor Care & Intensive Floor Treatment. Every bit of loose particle between the boards and on the outskirts of the room as well as in the corners will be free of dust and grime after we are done with it.
  4. If the client specifies, a professional cleaner can also use a microfiber cloth to wipe down every inch of the place to secure any dust particle which was left behind by the high-powered vacuum.
  5. The floor is cleaned again by a neutralizing steam and a specialized equipment extract to give the tarnished floors a noticeable shine. This process is very important because if this step is completed to perfection, the floor will be able to stay clean for much longer.
  6. The final inspection is done by the expert cleaners, who ascertain that if the floor is cleaned properly. At On Time Steam Cleaning, we believe in perfection and our aim is to leave the customers happy and satisfied. We take our time to inspect the floor properly.

The On Time Steam Cleaning professionals always make sure that the hardwood floor is free from any contamination, dust, oil or any other particle, which can destroy the quality of the floor and lead to expensive repairs. For a streak-free, high-shine surface, we also offer our clients the long term solution of a top coat application for making sure that your floors exude shine days after they are treated by us.

Our loyal clients, such as Hampton Inn hotel, sing our praises and our amazing long-term affordable packages allow us to foster our business relationships with our clients. If you are looking for regular cleaning solution for your hardwood floor, then your search has ended. On Time Steam Cleaning excels in making your dull floors come back to life. To know more about services and our complimentary packages, contact us today, or call us at 1.888.512.2055 to book an appointment.


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