The Necessity of Mattress Cleaning Services: Your Mattress May Be Making You Sick

///The Necessity of Mattress Cleaning Services: Your Mattress May Be Making You Sick
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The Necessity of Mattress Cleaning Services: Your Mattress May Be Making You Sick

The Necessity of Mattress Cleaning Services

Your Mattress May Be Making You Sick

Did you know that the mattress you sleep on every evening could be responsible for those recent allergies and other illnesses? Mattress cleaning services can help.

Mattresses hold an abundance of dirt and dander and have the potential to make you sick as these particles are hard to see and hard to clean with your regular cleaner. Since they can’t be seen with the naked eye, many people aren’t even aware that these particles exist. Every time you move around in your bed, dust particles are expelled into the air which leads to you breathing it in.

At On Time Steam Cleaning, we offer professional mattress cleaning services. We can give your mattress a deep clean, allowing you to sleep better at night.

What’s Lurking in Your Mattress

Not being able to see something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. You may have not been aware, but your mattress is home to billions of microscopic organisms.

Dust Mites

  • Four out of five homes in the United States have at least one bed with dust mites, according to the American Lung Association (Source). Although dust mites themselves aren’t particularly harmful, their feces can be a health a concern. Since their droppings contain toxins that are very much allergenic, it can cause asthma to those who are sensitive to it.


  • It should be no surprise that mold and fungi can cause serious health complications. There are many studies that suggest that older mattress can contain significant levels of staphylococcus, enterococcus, MRSA, and norovirus.


  • Over the course of a year, your mattress can contain up to 26 gallons of sweat. In the summer months when the weather is hotter, consider washing your sheets weekly in order to cut back on sweat build up.

Pet Dander

  • We all love our pets, but they really don’t belong on our beds. Pet hair, dander, dirt, and germs collect easily in mattresses and are hard to get out with just a simple vacuum. Do you wake up with what you think is a bug bite? That’s because it probably is! Bugs like to live in the soft fur of animals which is then brought into your home and onto your mattress.

Creepy crawlies are not just in some people’s mattresses; they are in everyone’s mattress and they are causing you your health. By not cleaning your mattresses, you can develop and even suffer from allergies and infections. Mattress cleaning services are only a phone call away with On Time Steam Cleaning.

It’s Time For Spring Cleaning

Spring is in full swing which makes it the perfect time to do a deep clean of your home. Spring is also a time of allergies, watery eyes, and drifting pollen in the air. For those who suffer from allergies, this might be the worst time of year. With all that is floating around in the air this spring, bringing dirt and dander into your home and onto your mattress is almost inevitable.

It is the perfect time of year for mattress, pillows, curtains, and furniture cleaning. Contact us for a quote on our professional steam cleaning services in NYC.


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