Why Do You Need a Professional to Save your Water Damaged Mattress

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Why Do You Need a Professional to Save your Water Damaged Mattress

A water-damaged mattress can be a very risky prop to have in your house. If not treated for water damage, a mattress holds potential health risks. The possibility of treating and disinfecting a water damaged mattress depends upon the time they were exposed to the damage. If your mattress has been containing a water spill for more than 24 hours, then it is better to discard it, as the damage is irreversible. Usually, there is not much that you can even do at home to save your water damaged mattress. The typical techniques include putting the mattress out for airflow or sunlight exposure – but they don’t account to much if the damage is considerable.

Here is where you have the option to hire professional cleaners to save your water damaged mattress. Professionals know how to do it right and have a range of products that can be used. A common person may not have this knowledge and skill. Under two conditions you must hire a professional to do the cleaning and disinfection:

  • High Priced Mattress: If you have already spent money on buying an expensive mattress then you need to try you best to save the investment. High priced mattresses have better quality as well so you would not want to ruin the shape and structure of the mattress or let it be exposed to bacteria or fungi by trying amateur attempts yourself.
  • The Extent of Damage: If your mattress is damaged by a small water spill then taken matters in your own hands may not be a risky idea, but if you have accidently spilled some other liquid; like alcohol, fizzy drink, juice, etc., then it will be wiser to hire a professional cleaning service to deal with it.

If you are still debating as to why hire a professional to repair or renovate your mattress and disinfect it then here are enough reasons to make up your mind:

You can have complete peace of mind regarding the cleaning

When you hire professional cleaners, the contract is a guaranty of commitment and services. You can be rest assured that they will handle the problem and deliver quality services. The cleaners take up a job only after the inspection of the task at hand and if they are certain to pull it off. So a professional deal or contract receipt is a toke of their word to deliver promised services.

Package of Services

The cleaners also offer a package of services. They will pick up the mattress from your home, take it to the cleaning factory, clean it, sterilize it with a commercial sterilizer to disinfect the mattress, and then drop your property back at your home. They offer all these services collectively so if you hire a professional cleaning team, it can be cost effective too.

Flood Damage

In case of floods, your mattress is prone to be damaged not only by natural water but also other much dangerous and gruesome forms of it, like drain water or septic tank water, etc. These kinds of water exposures can be extremely risky for your health. So in case you want to save a mattress that has been exposed to flood water, then having it cleaned and sterilized by a professional mattress cleaning company is the most suitable option. Don’t risk your health under any circumstance.


Your water damaged mattress can be a mold hotspot and this hold a very serious risk to your health. Never underestimate the potential of mold to harm your health. It can cause severe allergies in people and pets. From skin diseases to breathing disorder, it can damage your body and health in many ways. So have a professional come and deal with this issue instead of taking the matter lightly.

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