The Importance of Routine Office Cleaning

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The Importance of Routine Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning & Why It Matters

The stress of running your own company (and location) can be overwhelming. Still, routine office cleaning is essential to making a good first impression and retaining loyal customers. Can you imagine waiting in a messy lobby to meet your doctor, lawyer, or accountant? If the lamps were dusty, the floor was stained, the magazines were old, and visible crumbs littered the furniture, would you be impressed?

There are many things business owners don’t think about on a regular basis – including crumbs on the furniture and dust on the lamps. But would you return to the same specialist after such a disappointing experience? Probably not. Your customers deserve the same cleanliness and treatment that you would expect when visiting a specialist outside of your office.

That means thinking about cleanliness as a requirement, not an investment. Without a clean environment, your customers won’t return. Failing to maintain office cleaning can, and will, sap money from your reserves. To avoid this, follow these steps.

Your Office Cleaning Plan

(1) Make a list of floors, rooms, furniture, and resources that need to be cleaned. Note how often these items should be cleaned and what process should be used to clean them. Consider this a “file” for each item in your office. The file will determine how to keep your office fresh and comfortable. You should include your entire lobby (and furniture within it), your entire bathroom, and important areas in other office spaces.

(2) Take special notes for your bathroom. Cleaning tile is different than cleaning linoleum (although you should consider replacing linoleum if you are currently using the material in your office). Cleaning wood is different than cleaning carpet. For best results, consider hiring a team of professionals to help develop your “files” and determine what items need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

(3) Hire a janitorial team to complete hourly, daily, and weekly work – or delegate tasks to your employees. Remember that you’ll need to edit job descriptions if you require something from your employees that has nothing to do with their job description. For example, your organization may suffer if your secretaries are busy cleaning the lobby. Make your delegations fair and reasonable. This is the easiest way to ensure cleaning gets done.

(4) Consider changing materials in certain areas of your office. Wooden furniture requires a simpler cleaning process than leather. Plastic furniture is even simpler to clean than wood. It all depends on your needs and your resources. What do you have the time / money to clean? If you can’t handle your current floor or furniture materials, invest in changes. You’ll be happy you did.

Think About Your Customers

(5) Remember that your customers will notice every little detail, especially if you have a waiting room with a lengthy time lapse. Use distractors to keep your customers from noticing small stains and cobwebs. Add modern magazines, a television set, or books to keep your visitors busy. This isn’t a solution to help hide your flaws. Rather, it’s intended to give you a chance to fix those flaws.

(6) Consider polling your visitors to see what aspects of your lobby / office they would change for improvement. You can have your secretaries interview customers briefly upon leaving or arriving. Or, you can offer a polling link on an exit form. You can also ask customers yourself or create a plan based on reviews found online. There are plenty of ways to earn feedback from your customers. Use this feedback to your advantage.

(7) Biannually or annually, consider bringing in a professional steam cleaning team to reinforce the work you’ve been doing. The best cleaning teams can handle wood, carpet, tile, grout, linoleum, and furniture within the same appointment. Your office will sparkle – and your visitors will be more than impressed. Using steam cleaning is almost like giving your office a fresh start.

(8) Continue regular maintenance and cleaning, even if you’ve just had your office steam cleaned. If an employee quits or you choose to switch janitorial teams, don’t let your Routine Office Cleaning Schedule fall behind. It’s essential that you continue the schedule, even if you must do the cleaning yourself. That’s the responsibility the comes with owning a company. We guarantee you’ll find keeping a clean environment well worth the effort.

Our Team

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