Exploring and Guiding Office Maintenance Jobs

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Exploring and Guiding Office Maintenance Jobs

Interested in Offering Office Maintenance Jobs?

Follow These Easy Steps

Are you a business owner looking to hire an employee (or employees) to keep your office clean? Offering Office Maintenance Jobs can be difficult when handled improperly. In this article, we’re going to walk you through the screening, hiring, interviewing, and management processes.

Start with these eight important steps to mastering Office Maintenance Jobs:

1. Use careful screening techniques.

The first step in any hiring process is screening. Have current employees or an HR representative choose possible hires from a pool. You should narrow down this pool by determining which potential employees have the most experience, the strongest work ethic, the most relevant portfolio, and no violent criminal history. In other words, don’t solicit applications from individuals with red flags or little relevant experience.

2. Choose a fair and effective hiring process.

Next, you must determine how you will choose new employees from the pool of individuals who make it through the screening process. We suggest putting each person through an interview, in addition to paid training hours. We also suggest getting in touch with references. Many individuals write the names of friends or family members, rather than previous managers. If you find anyone has done this, remove him or her from the pool.

3. Make your expectations and techniques clear from the beginning.

On the application, make it clear what the job expectations and responsibilities are. You want to add Office Maintenance Jobs. Or, put more simply, you want several employees responsible for keeping your office clean at all times. This is a graceful way of saying you want to hire a team of cleaners. Don’t try to double-dip by hiring employees who can serve as cleaners and office workers. You aren’t glorifying the job. You want individuals who will be dedicated to keeping a clean office space. That is, after all, the point.

4. Conduct in-person interviews with your favorite candidates.

The interview process is more important than applications or training. This is your opportunity to ask about application discrepancies, previous work history, and future plans. Nothing work-related is off limits. Get a feel for your potential employee. Then, based on his or her answers, determine whether or not training should be the next step. We suggest being personally involved in the interview process. No employee knows what you want better than you.

5. Set training hours.

Once you’ve filled your Office Maintenance Jobs, set training hours. Take each new hire through your office, pointing out spaces that need to be cleaned and areas where equipment and/or supplies can be found. Walk team members through each process you expect to be used. It may help to develop a handbook for training – one employees can refer to when they have questions. You won’t always be there to help with cleaning. That’s why you need a cleaning team!

6. Set weekly goals and hold face-to-face meetings.

Once each new hire has completed training, start setting goals and holding weekly meetings. Since most of those who filled your Office Maintenance Jobs will likely work part-time, you shouldn’t expect daily progress reports. Instead, schedule all team members on the same day during the same hour (this could be overlap during the beginning or end of the week). Hold a meeting to see how the team is progressing. If your team has any questions, now is the time for those questions to be asked.

7. Review each employee every six months.

Unfortunately, at least employee will either quit, crack under the pressure, or fail to meet expectations. It helps to review your employees once every six months. Share their strengths and weaknesses during a face-to-face meeting. Most employees will take this opportunity to improve, rather than to complain or fail. Using this method, you can give every employee an opportunity to succeed, even if he or she has done poorly in the past. Employees that fail to improve after these meetings should be removed from the team.

8. Remember that communication is key.

Throughout this process, remember that communicating with your team is the most important thing. Cleaning can be difficult when you aren’t sure where to begin. Make your goals, values, and priorities known. Open yourself up to questions from your team members. And, most important, take responsibility for your company. The rest will come with time.

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