Your Pet Ruined Your Rug? Here is what you can do about it

///Your Pet Ruined Your Rug? Here is what you can do about it

Your Pet Ruined Your Rug? Here is what you can do about it

Carpets play a huge part in affecting how a room looks and feels, and how much it can be difficult to clean and maintain. And while cleaning carpets (cleaning, not vacuuming) is a difficult process in itself, it becomes even more complicated when they become soiled because of pets.

You cannot clean your pet’s pee (or poop) with a wet washcloth and some laundry soap because regular soap does not clean the uric acid present in your pet’s urine. Moreover, the padding of a carpet is like a sponge, which means that once your pet urinates on your carpet, the liquid spreads and gets absorbed deep into the base of your carpet. This is why you can still smell your pet’s ‘accident’ long after you have made attempts to wash the stain.

Why cleaning up pet accidents on carpet isn’t easy

One of the first things you have to do when you notice your pet’s accident is to look at all the other places on the carpet it might have gone after peeing on your carpet. Pet owners usually just focus on the main area where they can visible see the damage, but ignore the other seemingly dry areas which may also be covered with urine.

This results in persistent pet odors which are quite unpleasant and can stay for prolonged periods in the pet owner’s home. Pet accidents require deep cleaning of the carpet, so whether you have it done by an expert or do it yourself with a technique you searched on Google; you will have to clean a larger area than the section of the carpet where the damage can be seen.

What you should do in cases of pet ‘accidents’

When your pet stains your carpet, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible because the longer you let it stay, the more difficult it is going to be to remove, and if ignored, pet stains can permanently soil your carpet. Also, your home may get filled with the scent of your pet’s urine, which is something you don’t want to get used to.

If you intend to do the cleaning yourself, then it is recommended that you use a cleaner specialized for the purpose. However, cleaning pet stains is a long process which needs to be done the right way to restore your carpet properly.

Here is what you should do when you find out about pet accidents:

  1. Do not delay attending to pet stains. Leaving it for longer will cause more damage to your rug.
  2. Remove any pee or poop present on the rug so it does not get deeper into the carpet.
  3. Do not attempt to cover the odor with perfumes or room sprays. You need to deep clean your carpet to get rid of bad odor completely.
  4. Use an enzymatic cleaner for better results.
  5. Do not rub. Try to soak as much as liquid as possible
  6. Ensure that the soiled area is soaked thoroughly with the cleaner and cover a large portion of the area around the soiled area since it is likely that the liquid has spread over the carpet.
  7. If the urine has gone through to the other end of the carpet, then the other side needs to be cleaned, too.
  8. After you have soaked the carpet for the recommended time period, you should soak extra moisture with paper tissues/towels.

Call in the Pros to fix the mess Once and For all

There will be times when you are unable to clean pet stains yourself. Or you may believe that you have cleaned the ‘accident’ stains completely but the odor hasn’t gone yet. If you do not clean your pet’s urine properly, then there are chances your pet is going to pee on the same spot again.

Therefore, it is recommended that you call in the cleaning experts to take care of your pet’s accidents. You should ensure that the cleaning company you choose is certified, reliable, and professional, such as On Time Steam Cleaning NY, which uses pet friendly products and employs cleaning experts who use proper cleaning tools to get the job done.

They will use effective, tried and tested cleaning methods to remove the stains from your carpet, and the unpleasant odor from your home without damaging your carpets during the cleaning process.

If your pet has made a boo-boo, then you should definitely call in On Time Steam Cleaning for help at 1-888-512-2055 to maintain the beauty and elegance of your carpet and to have your home smelling free of pet odor.


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