How to Preserve the Beauty of Your Leather Furniture?

///How to Preserve the Beauty of Your Leather Furniture?

How to Preserve the Beauty of Your Leather Furniture?

Although wooden furniture has its own class, but nowadays leather furniture is mostly preferred by homeowners and why not? Leather furnishings add a modern touch to the overall look of the house, maintaining the style and elegance by perfectly combining the two together. The best thing about leather furniture is that it’s not restricted to a particular era; instead it suits both the up-scale and the traditional look.

But the leather furnishings can only add opulence to your interiors if its beauty is preserved. A worn out and cracked leather sofa is not something you want to keep in your lounge, right? So, to maintain the splendor of your furniture and prevent it from getting damaged, you must know the tips we have listed down below!

  • Maintain a Weekly Dusting and Vacuuming Routine

Want to keep your leather furniture all new and shiny for a long time? Then remember the golden rule, when in doubt, just clean! But that does not mean you should clean the furniture only when there’s a party at your home because you don’t want the guests to see your dirty sofas! You need to look after your furniture on a weekly basis at least if not daily. Regular dust can be easily wiped off by a dry cloth; however you will need to vacuum the tight corners of the furniture to make sure there’s no dust left in there. Where spills are concerned, first of all, try to avoid spilling on the leather. But we know that’s not possible, so whenever something is spilled on the furniture, clean it immediately to avoid further damage.

  • Avoid Using Excessive Water and Cleaners High on Chemicals

Avoid using too much water, shampoo and soap on your leather; it’s your furniture and not your hair! Just as wooden furniture gets damaged with excessive water and cleaning detergent, the same happens with leather as well. Using water and any sort of soap will not clean the leather surface but trigger the cracking process of the fabric. Also, try to avoid cleaners that are high on harmful chemicals like ammonia because they are most likely to bleach the color of your leather furniture. Such cleaners are a complete no-go, even if there is a tough stain on the leather. However, you can use minimal water to clean up those stains, but make sure the water doesn’t remain on the surface for a long time.

  • Don’t Go Over the Top with Leather Conditioners

There is a common perception among people that using a conditioner on leather furniture on a regular basis will keep the finesse and sheen of the leather alive forever. But that’s not exactly the case! Excess use of anything no matter how good it is, is always bad! The same goes for leather conditioners as well. You don’t need to polish the leather every other month. Instead, use the polish sensibly in the right proportion every 6 to 12 months. Be cautious while choosing the conditioner for your leather furniture and go for something mild because most of them are very strong and can damage the leather even in a few applications.

  • Distance between Leather and Sunlight is All You Need

We often tend to forget the fact that leather comes out of animal skin. Just like the human skin cannot bare the continuous exposure to direct sunlight, it’s equally difficult for leather to do so as well. If you have your leather couch or any other furniture placed at a spot which is always exposed to sun rays, change the place right away! Choose a spot for your leather furniture which is relatively cooler, and do not let the rays of the sun hit the furniture directly.

  • Make Sure Your Favorite Spot is Well Pampered

Do you have a certain favorite section or spot on your leather furniture? We are sure you have one! If you like that right corner of your leather sofa to sit and read the newspaper in the morning, and then watch TV at night, then it is most likely to tear apart earlier than the rest of your sofa, why? Because you are using it constantly! So, if you want your favorite corner to stay put and look fresh just as other sections of the furniture, try switching it once every week. But, if you just can’t sit anywhere else except your favorite corner, then make sure you take good care of it.

  • Leather Furniture Needs Extra Care

We agree that other furnishings also require a good deal of care and attention, but when it comes to leather, the fabric is an absolute attention seeker. Leather furniture surely needs more care than others, but once you manage to do that, it will take no time for the leather furnishings to give a class-apart look to your entire home.

Acquire Professional Cleaning Services

Although we have outlined some basic tips to clean and take care of your leather furniture, do you think it’s still beyond your capacity? Leave all your worries behind and acquire help from a furniture-cleaning expert! Whether it is wood or leather, we at On Time Steam Cleaning are known for the best reliable cleaning services based in New York. We use 100% natural cleaning methods so you don’t need to worry about as well. So what are you waiting for? Dial 1.888.512.2055 to get a free estimate and let our skilled professionals look after your furniture while we assure to restore your precious possession back to its former grandeur!


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