Pro Guide on How to Keep Your Tiled Floors Clean

There is no better feeling coming home to a clean home that gives a warm and welcoming look. Newly built homes are an ecstatic sight in the first year or two but eventually they lose their luster and become dull. We all love the smooth touch of freshly painted walls and the look of clean tiled floors but Mother Nature makes it a bit of a challenge to keep it long lasting. Though it’s not difficult to clean and maintain tiled floors, you will still have to make an effort and put in some energy into the task. Here is our pro-guide to cleaning tiled floors to help you through:

Regular Basic Cleaning

The easiest way to keep a clean tiled floor is to take care of it through regular and basic cleaning. You have to keep the dust and grit off the floor to maintain its shine and glazy look. Sand and grit are two of the worst enemies to a glazed floor, so make sure you vacuum and mop the floor on a regular basis. This will help in keeping the dirt off the surface and keep the floor clean and fresh for longer period.

The Right Way to Do It

It is very important that you use the right tools and products to clean tiled floors. Never use a sponge mop to clean your tiled floors as it would push the dirty water to the grout lines and it will deposit there instead of being completely wiped off. Always dust it with a broom and then use a mop to clean it with water and detergent. Keep changing the water so that you are not cleaning the floor with dirty water as it will only make the floor cloudy, not clean. Choosing the right detergent is also very crucial. Ask your tile manufacturer to suggest the best products for cleaning your floor as different kinds of tiles require different attention at cleaning. You may not need to put in much effort at cleaning ceramic tiles but cleaning marble or limestone would require more thoroughness.

Remove the Soapy Residue

Soapy residue left behind ca give the tiles a cloudy look. You can wash it off using a detergent and then dry buffing it with a clean cloth. Mild acid like water and lemon juice can also be used to clean off the soapy layer from ceramic tiles only. You can use a cup of vinegar in about a gallon of water as well. Using lemon or vinegar will make a natural detergent and safe for houses with pets and children as using commercial cleaning products may harm them or cause allergies.

Clean Grout

Grout lines are the tricky areas in tiled floors. Due to its porous nature, gout absorbs the dirt and debris that settles on it. When you clean the floor with a broom or mop, the dirt on the surface gets cleaned up but the residue that settles into the pores is not extracted. Cleaning grout can be a very daunting task. You can do it yourself using baking soda and water. Rub the paste on the grout lines and leave it over night. Scrub it with a nylon brush in the morning. This process can be repeated if you feel the need for it. You also have the options of using commercial cleaning products. Make sure that you use base-sealers to seal the grout pores so that further absorption can be prevented.

Hiring Professional Cleaners

The easiest way to deal with all the hassle is to hire a professional cleaning service. While ceramic tiles are easy and cheap to clean, require low maintenance and lesser energy, other kinds of tiles require much more care and effort to thoroughly clean them. The cleaners from a professional service know how to deal with dirty grout and how to restore the glaze of the tiles. It would require a lot of time and hard work to do all the daunting cleaning all by yourself if you have all the floors in your home tiled. So hire a professional cleaning service, sit back, relax, and let them manage the floors.

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