Removing Bed Bugs with Mattress Cleaning

///Removing Bed Bugs with Mattress Cleaning

Removing Bed Bugs with Mattress Cleaning

One of the many misconceptions people have about bed bugs is that they only dwell and breed within the bed. That’s why a lot of people simply throw away their beds as a solution. Unfortunately, you’re more likely to win a lottery online rather than get rid of bugs, this way!

Discarding the bed and mattress does not solve the problem. Even if you purchase a new mattress, the bugs remain within the structure. Bed bugs will sprawl out of their hiding and multiply exponentially, across your new mattress.

Since you cannot spend your life and drain your money in replacing mattresses every time the bed bugs start to bite, you need to think radically. Here is a detailed and time-tested guide to removing bed bugs permanently from your mattress and bed structure:

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Unlike carpet and rug cleaning, mattress cleaning for removing bed bugs is simple and straightforward. Before you begin, you need to take stock of your supplies. Make sure you have the following items necessary for mattress cleaning:

  • Small Flashlights: Bed bugs tend to hide in all cold and dark places of your mattress. They range anywhere between dark red and dark brown in color. This makes them extremely difficult to find. You need to hold a powerful flashlight parallel to your mattress. The falling light will make the bed bugs and their eggs cast a shadow, making them easy to identify. If you have a flashlight app in your smart phone, it will do the trick too


  • Hot & Soapy Water and a Cloth: Hot water is effective in capturing bed bugs. Instead of spraying loads of toxic chemicals, you can rely on soapy water for removing bugs. For better results, add a few pints of vinegar or baking soda to the warm soapy water. It will not only scent the mattress, but also keep bugs at bay in future


  • Mattress Encasements: These are large fabric bags for your mattress. Once you have cleaned your mattress, make sure to zip it close within the encasement. Any surviving bed bugs will also perish this way. For long-term results, it is best to contact a professional mattress cleaning service to completely eliminate bed bugs and prevent them from returning again


Step 2: Setup a Cleaning Zone

Before you begin to clean your mattress from bed bugs, it is necessary to establish a cleaning zone. This is the place within, or outside your home, to which you can safely relocate your mattress for cleaning purpose. The clean zone, needless to say, should be as clean and bacteria-free as possible.

At this point, you also need to consider your cleaning options. If you’re running out of time and need a quick fix-it, it’s best to rely on bed/mattress vacuuming for the purpose. However, if you’re home on a Sunday morning with lots of spare time and are fed up of the bite marks, then it’s time to go in for a deep and thorough mattress cleaning and cleansing approach that provides long-term solution.

Step 3: Search for the Bugs

If you expect bed bugs to attack you like a swarm of bees when you invade their habitat, you’re wrong. They’re likely to run away from the impending attack. As a result, you need to do a thorough search with a powerful flashlight.

It is also worth mentioning what you need to lookout for, when searching for bed bugs. These include adults, young bugs, larvae and eggs, fecal matter and molted skins. Not every dark and suspicious thing will be a bed bug. If you know any mattress cleaning expert in your area, it’ll be best to consult them on what do bed bugs look like.

Start with the bed frame and box springs. Inspect all areas, nooks and edges thoroughly. Also check all stitch lines and mattress labels. Once done, check the upper and lower surfaces of the mattresses. These are some of the many “hot zones” for bed bugs.

Step 4: Remove them all

Some bed bugs can easily be removed with the help of a soaked up cloth (see step 1). Others are rather #$@! %^& (read: persistent). Removing the toughest of all bugs may require scrubbing and spraying. But make sure not to use any toxic chemicals and modern cleaners for the job.

Once the bed bugs are removed, soak your mattress under direct sunlight. If you have zipped shut the mattress in an encasement, the remnant bugs will wither and die within the heat.

Mattress cleaning and bed removing is not as easy as it sounds. With the fast-paced life and lack of equipment, it’s no wonder why no one has the time to do it. So instead of throwing away your mattress, simply visit and let a professional mattress cleaning and bed bug removal service do what it does best!


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