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Different floors require different methods of maintenance. Unlike concrete floors, ceramic tiles add an elegant finish to your office space. However, debris and dirt often accumulate in the grout between the tile. This damaged grout can eventually disintegrate the floor. Our team specializes in Tile Floor Cleaning.

Our Grout and Tile Floor Cleaning Process

On-Time Steam Cleaning experts supply extra effort when cleaning your tile and grout. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are applied, loosening filth and stains. Then, high water pressure and hot water are used in combination to clean away the mess. The water is vacuumed from your floor tiles. This process takes roughly an hour, maybe two, based on floor dimensions. Finally, machines are used to dry the surface of your tile floor. We inspect for any possible damage. Then, we seal to safeguard against stains.

Marble Cleaning Services

At On Time Steam Cleaning, we offer marble cleaning and polishing services. Initially, the marble looks attractive and glossy. Over time, however, it loses its sheen. Our team thoroughly cleans all marble floors, rather than relying on water and detergents alone. We use equipment and cleaning solutions that are effective and eco-friendly. Scratches are covered with polish, shining your marble floors and leaving an attractive, glossy surface.

Tile Floor Cleaning at On Time Steam Cleaning

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