How to Have a Sparkling Home Before Guests Arrive At Your Bachelor Pad

As a bachelor, you are ecstatic to feel independent and be the boss of everything that goes on in your life. However, when it comes the time to do chores, you miss the time in your childhood home, when everything was taken care of by your mom. As a bachelor, you are expected to exceed all social norms, excel at your career, brave all the obstacles and do all homely chores, such as cleaning, cooking and washing by yourself. Sometimes life can become stressful, but that still does not mean that you become an embodiment of the “filthy bachelor” stereotype.

If you want to be respected or taken seriously, hygiene and cleanliness is the most crucial element that you need to tick off from your to-do list. As a host, you need your home to be an extension of your own personality and to be as clean as humanly possible for your guests. Whether you are hosting a Super Bowl party, a birthday celebration or a casual tête-à-tête with your friends, having a sparkling home is necessary.

It is difficult to clean and pick up after yourself as a bachelor and it might have created some embarrassing moments in the past for you when your parents, siblings or any relative paid an impromptu visit at an inopportune time, after which you received a lecture about the health hazards of living in a home resembling a pigsty.

It is another matter altogether when you are trying to impress a person, with whom you are trying to kindle a romance. In most scenarios, having a clean home can be a positive reflection of your personality. Having a clean home before the guests arrive can become complicated when the food is warming in the oven (even if it’s takeout), you haven’t dressed yet and your dog needs to be fed. What is worse; your bachelor pad which is supposed to look hip and cool and sophisticated is a mess and you don’t have enough time to put everything in its rightful place.

If you face such situations repeatedly, it is time to put your trust in steam cleaning services. Our experts at On Time Steam Cleaning Service are armed with all the right cleaning techniques and products to ensure that your house looks sparkling clean and free of any unfavorable odors before your guests arrive. Here are some annoying little details that you can miss, if you try to clean your home yourself instead of hiring a steam cleaning service.


Toothpaste flaked on the sink, shaving gel foam dried at the bottom of the sink, discolored grout, mineral-crusted showerheads and water stains from either water damage or a previously failed attempt at cleaning your own bathroom. None of these things might seem so threatening to you, but whether it’s the lady you are currently dating or your mother, women have a way of sniffing out trouble from miles away. Our experts at On Time Steam Cleaning Service will get rid of stubborn bathroom stains and odors to help it look like new.

Carpet Cleaning

This is one of the best services offered by steam cleaning specialists. From your lounge to your bedroom, cleaning your carpets can ensure that your home is free from unsanitary debris, odors, dust, stains and allergens. If you want your guests to have fun and feel at home instead of taking their allergy medication, choose the easy route and hire our experts.

The Kitchen

You might think that a bachelor home must have a spotless kitchen because who has time to actually cook anything. Wrong! Bachelors are one of the messiest people in the kitchen, coming closely after children. How many times have you tried to make a sandwich after a night of drinking? How many times have you tried to rush out the door after you spilled coffee on the counter, because you are late for work? A bachelor home has stains, which are probably older than you would like to admit, but with steam cleaning and its innovative cleaning technology, even year old stains will have to leave for good.

All of these places can be cleaned and scrubbed free of any stains and dust particles, only if you put your trust in us. One of the main reasons to hire someone to clean your home is the shortage of time. Bachelors never seem to have time. They barely have time to get to work, meet friends, have a drink, eat something and get their clothes ready for the next day. Who has time to clean their home themselves? And if you are having a special guest over, you simply cannot avoid this step. Take some time out of your busy schedule and call us today at 1.888.512.2055 to talk to our cleaning specialist and choose a customized cleaning package as well as a schedule which suits your needs and preferences. We assure you that anyone who enters your abode will be impressed and delighted.


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