Steam Cleaning is Safe for Many Different Types of Floor Surfaces

//Steam Cleaning is Safe for Many Different Types of Floor Surfaces

Steam Cleaning is Safe for Many Different Types of Floor Surfaces

On Time Steam Cleaning Provides Premium Options for Safe Steam Cleaning on Various Floor Types

17th December 2016 – New York based steam cleaning company is making waves busting the myth on steam cleaning method to be an unsafe way of cleaning for different types of floors? A lot like what mop advertisers claim that their products must not be used on unsealed surfaces, most potential customers of the cleaning industry have wrongly assumed this for most types of cleaning practices. This does not hold true for the cleaning treatments delivered by On Time Steam Cleaning.

Steam cleaners work strictly to generate steam that penetrates in the dirt of a surface. This method is popular amongst clients for disinfecting surfaces and cleaning areas that are difficult to clean with conventional methods of cleaning.

Another popular reason for the use of this sort of cleaning practice that makes use of nothing more than water and heat is that it eliminates the use of harsh chemicals in the cleaning process altogether, making for an environment friendly practice.

A spokesperson for the company recently commented on the cleaning treatments of the agency by saying, “The products that are used on the job by On Time Steam Cleaning are all bought directly from the supplier, allowing the business to further pass on the savings in the form of reduced prices to their customers.”

The company works with restoring and cleaning hardwood floors that have either undergone substantial use that calls for cleaning, or suffered from lack of care in terms of maintenance and cleaning for some time. In both home and business settings, customers want to project the best appearance, and steam cleaning successfully has been delivering that to them. With state of the art equipment, On Time Steam Cleaning has the expertise to safely remove dirt and dust on hardwood floors.

Offering clarification on the prevalent misconception, the spokesperson for the company added, “One of the most doubted floor surfaces that customers believe cannot be cleaned are hardwood floors.. After all, hardwood floors are meant to deliver above all else an aesthetic appeal to the entire setting. This is where On Time Steam cleaning comes in. with every job; there is an attached task of maintaining the surfaces that have been cleaned as well. In this case, it is rounds of premium grade polish coats.”

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On Time Steam Cleaning organization works with customers in the New York Metro area. The cleaning services that the agency offers center around three main categories of complete bathroom cleaning, travertine, terrazzo, marble, limestone, and tile and stone granite cleaning. The company makes use of non toxic cleaning products in all its cleaning jobs. It is a fully licensed and insured organization that has kept its cleaning job focused on a few areas that it completes with its learned expertise, a result of operating for years in the industry in New York.

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