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  • Routine Office Cleaning

The Importance of Routine Office Cleaning


The stress of running your own company (and location) can be overwhelming. Still, Routine Office Cleaning is essential to making a good first impression and retaining loyal customers. Can you imagine waiting in a messy lobby to meet your doctor, lawyer, or accountant? If the lamps were dusty, the floor was stained, the magazines were

  • Proper Office Maintenance

Eight Vital Steps Toward Proper Office Maintenance


If you own a business, office maintenance is probably one of the last things on your mind. After all, there are appointments to schedule, employees to manage, standards to meet, goals to reach, and expectations to bear. Between filling invoices, ordering stock, and handling sales, you have your hands full already. How are you supposed

  • Steam Cleaning Operations

7 Steam Cleaning Operations That Can Boost Your First Impression


First impressions are often entirely wrong. Many people have said it, but few people believe it. Your customers are significantly affected by their first impression of your location – even if they don’t realize it. For this reason, professional steam cleaning operations are essential in impression areas.

Impression areas include your bathroom, lobby, hallways, and waiting