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5 Things You Should Probably Clean But Never Do


home cleaningIt’s not very easy to clean ALL the areas of your home.

Some areas of your home are more prone to accumulating dirt than others and these particular areas should not be put on the back burner. Major appliances and small areas of

Your Mattress May Be Making You Sick


mattress cleaning nycDid you know that the mattress you sleep on every evening could be responsible for those recent allergies and other illnesses?

Mattresses hold an abundance of dirt and dander and have the potential to make you sick as these particles are hard

The Things Lurking Beneath Your Carpet


CarpetWhen did you last get your carpet cleaned by a professional?

Think you don’t need it because you vacuum the carpet regularly and it’s clean?

We’re sorry to say…

You might be wrong.

If you choose not to get your carpet professionally cleaned at regular intervals, you are actually providing an

Old Mattress? Use These Mattress Cleaning TIps


mattress cleaningSince childhood, we are trained to make our bed immediately after waking up. This is because, when we get back home after school or work, we want to be welcomed with a clean and tidy bed. Isn’t that the best feeling? To just plop down on

Annoyed With Pet Odor? We Can Help


pet odor by victosha –

Do you like keeping your pets around? Most owners do. But that doesn’t mean pet odor hasn’t been an issue. No matter how well you groom or care for them, pet ownership comes with daunting challenges.

Pet odor and stink can keep your

Kitchen Cleaning Tips From The Pros




kitchen cleaning by Wavebreakmedia –

Why is kitchen cleaning so important?

Well, if we go by the words of Charles Gerba, a professor of environmental biology at the University of Arizona, the toilet seat of an average home is the cleanest place.

Sound disturbing?

While we’ve been thinking it’s the