How to Take Care of Your Wood Furniture

///How to Take Care of Your Wood Furniture

How to Take Care of Your Wood Furniture

Different kinds of furniture adorn our homes, and most of them are a necessity. A wide variety of wood, metallic and leather furniture is available in numerous designs. People choose furniture according to their needs, the size of their homes and their aesthetics. No matter what kind of furniture you have, it needs to be properly taken care of if you want it to be a part of your home for a long time.

Wood furniture, available in plenty of finishes and in different kinds of wood can be very expensive. It can last for ages and may be passed from generation to generation, becoming a highly prized possession of a family. But this is only possible if your wooden furniture is taken good care of. In order for your furniture to withstand the sands of time, it is very important to know the type of finish on your wood furniture because every finishing requires different kind of cleaning and care. Wood furniture can lose its beauty with the buildup of dirt, spills and scratches and become prone to cracks and other damage, if you do not clean it the right way.

Following are some of the ways to take care of your wood furniture to maintain its beauty and for increasing its lifespan.

  • Handle it with care

Handling your wood furniture with utmost care is the basic step for preventing scratches and other damages, hence maintaining its beauty. Do take special care when moving your wood furniture; avoid scrubbing and do not slide things on it.

  • Dust regularly

Dust your wood furniture regularly using a soft cloth or a wool duster to maintain its shine and to prevent dust build-up.

You can also clean it with a slightly damp soft cloth to avoid any chances of scratches from the dry and rough cloth. But never spray water directly on the furniture and try to dust in the direction of the wood grain as dusting against the grains of the wood can cause scratches.

Also, refrain from using feather dusters as any broken quill could damage the wood finish.

  • Prevent it from heat and sunlight

Never place your wood furniture near any heating unit like a fireplace, or under direct sunlight. Make sure to have heavy curtains on the windows of the room where wood furniture is placed because it has been found that sun rays coming through windows can reach up to 140 degrees during the summer season.

Heat and sunlight can fade the color of the wood and cause cracks in it by drying the wood. Damage caused by light is generally permanent, therefore it is better to take precautionary measures than regret it later.

  • Clean it with wood cleaners

Use a good quality wood cleaner according to the finish of your wood furniture to remove dirt and oil build up. Do it at least once a month to maintain the luster of the wood and to prevent it from any damage that dust and oil can cause, if allowed to stay on the furniture for a long time.

Always test wood cleaners on a small area, preferably on the inside, to see that it is not causing any damage to the wood.

  • Use water when in doubt

Although you need to know the finish of your wood furniture to clean it properly, but if you are unsure, it is better clean it with water than to try different chemical cleaning agents which may harm the wood.

Mix any mild dish soap with warm water, lightly dampen a soft cloth with the water mixture and clean the wood furniture. Then clean the moisture with a soft, dry cloth.

  • Do not use both polish and wax

Applying polish or wax to your wood furniture maintains it shine and beauty for a long time. But you should use only one of these according to the finish of your furniture. Ask the manufacturer or see the buyer’s guide to find out which is suitable for your furniture.

  • Treat minor scratches with shoe polish

Using the shoe polish of the color of the wood is a DIY hack for hiding small scratches that look really bad. Use a small quantity of the same color shoe polish very carefully for this purpose.

  • Let professionals do their work

While you can clean your precious wood furniture with commercial cleaners, applying polish or wax to hide slight damages is only a temporary solution. It is really difficult to perform these tasks efficiently as using inappropriate chemicals or polish/ wax, applying the polish/ wax in the wrong way and too much polishing can do more harm than good.

Therefore, it is better to leave such tasks to professionals. Ask a professional furniture cleaning service provider to send its representative to your home every few months. They will have a look at your wood furniture and take the necessary measures to maintain its beauty and increase its lifespan.

We at On Time Steam Cleaning have a team of skilled and determined professionals who will ensure that your fine wood furniture will retain its luster and quality for generations.


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