Do You Need Tile Cleaning or Tile Replacement?

///Do You Need Tile Cleaning or Tile Replacement?

Do You Need Tile Cleaning or Tile Replacement?

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Tiles are widely used all over the world and are considered one of the most durable options for flooring. They are especially useful and functional in bathrooms, showers, and kitchens. Almost every house has a room or a place that has tiles inside. However, despite their durability, a little wear and tear are eventually inevitable. Do you need tile cleaning or tile replacement?

The deterioration of tiles appears in various different ways.

Sometimes, the damage is so bad that homeowners are left with no choice but to replace tiles. However, most of the time, the damage can easily be fixed with tile cleaning – or by calling a reputable cleaning service that can take care of your problem (such as On Time Steam Cleaning).

With that being said, the wear and tear in tiles is often ambiguous. The tiles appear in such bad shape that they come across as destroyed and dull, when they just need a good cleaning to emerge good as new. Then, there are times when the tile appears to be in wonderful condition – but needs replacement due to issues with installment.

Before you decide between tile cleaning and tile replacement, try to evaluate the situation closely. You can save money by renewing your tile grout with help from a reputable cleaning service. You can also replace some tiles – but not others.

Let’s discuss your options.

When Is Tile Cleaning Necessary?

1. In case of mold or mildew

Since your bathroom is mostly humid, it serves as a breeding ground for mold. Mold is especially widespread in showering areas beneath the bathmat, attics, basements, and anywhere that tile flooring remains wet. When the spread of mold and mildew has just begun, tile cleaning can solve the problem. However, when the problem has gotten out of hand, tile replacement is necessary.

2. When stains are involved

At times, stains are rather stubborn. But, no matter how bad stains might appear, there’s no stain that a cleaning service can’t wipe away from a tile floor. You should never opt for a complete tile replacement to eliminate a few bad looking stains. Instead, save money and time by cleaning instead.

3. When water incursion is an issue


Tiles with proper sealing last much longer than tiles without it. Sometimes the cause of seal breakage is years of usage. Other times, the tile hasn’t been properly installed. Either way, water incursion is another problem that can be handled by a professional tile cleaning service.

4. When the tiles lack shine or luster

When your tile floors begin to lose shine and luster, they must be restored to their former glory. This can easily be done with help from a cleaning company. No need to pay the costly price of replacement when tiles can be treated properly.

When Is Tile Replacement Necessary?

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1. When they are broken

When tiles have broken down, chipped away, or been cracked from the middle – there is no hope left. The only way to fix broken tiles are to get them replaced with new ones.

2. When a tile is loose

A loose tile doesn’t necessarily have to be replaced, but it must be fixed as soon as possible. A loose tile is dangerous and can cause accidents for old and young people, as well as pets.

3. When installation was completed poorly

When tiles are installed by non-professionals, sooner or later, trouble is bound to follow. Bad installation means poor sealing, improper alignment, or imbalanced flooring. A slip-up like this can cost a lot more to fix.

Due to lack of knowledge, many people end up wasting time and money when a quick tile cleaning treatment can get the job done. Make sure to assess your tiles carefully, then make the choice. Tile cleaning or tile replacement?


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