Tips to Get Rid of Pet Odor and Stains at Home

///Tips to Get Rid of Pet Odor and Stains at Home

Tips to Get Rid of Pet Odor and Stains at Home

Let’s be honest; all of us love cuddling with our pets and playing with them all day long. We love them; we hug them, eat and sleep with them and what not! We are a generation who love being with pets. Gone are the days when the pets stayed out and we use to play with them outside in our garden area. Now, pets are welcome inside our house, even though our mothers do get fed up of them as they are with us every time and emanate odors and leave stains everywhere.

Odor and stains are hard to eliminate from our homes. All pet lovers who are cleanliness freaks do not want to make their houses a barnyard. No matter how well you train them and look after them, you can never prevent them from leaving odor and stains in your home. If you are a pet lover and want your house to smell good, then get rid of the pet odor and stains by paying close attention to the following the tips;

  • Tip # 1: Clean Urine with Enzymatic Cleaner

Pets are not human beings. No matter how well you train them, they may have a habit of urinating on sofas, chairs and furniture. This usually happens when you own a pet which is of a younger age and they are not properly trained to use a litter box. In such a case, you can always use an enzymatic cleaner to get rid of the odor and urine stains. All you need to do is to find the soiled spot pronto or else, it will become difficult to get rid of if it soaks into your furniture.

On finding the spot right away, you will be able to see the spot clearly. After spotting it, you can soak it up with the paper towel or a newspaper by pressing it against it while wearing gloves. Afterwards, you can soak the enzymatic cleaner over the soiled area. Leave it for around 10- 20 minutes, let it blot and then dry. After the cleaner has an effect, you can cover it with laundry basket and aluminum foil to prevent pets from urinating in the same area.

  • Tip # 2: Use Baking Soda for Stains and Odors

There is no doubt that an enzymatic cleaner can be the best to eliminate odors and stains but when you do not have these cleaners, you can opt to choose baking soda instead. This is a natural odor absorber, helping you to remove pet odors very easily. Baking soda is actually an air freshener that can literally remove odors of any type, especially pet odor from deep within the furniture, fabrics and even litter boxes.

But before using baking soda, you need to check fabric compatibility to make sure it does not harm your furniture or fabrics. You need to sprinkle some amount of soda over the area, then vacuum it and clean it by wiping it. In case your pet urinates on the furniture, soak it up using a white towel, sprinkle the soda over it and let it dry for some time. Once the area is dried completely, vacuum the remaining residue.

  • Tip # 3: Wash the Dish of Your Pet With Hot Water

Your pet may eat it’s food in dishes. Anything associated to pets results in an odor in the house. Similarly, the dishes in which your pets eat food need to be cleansed and washed properly, just like you clean your own personal and family dishes. In addition to this, you need to ensure that your pet’s bowl is always filled and clean and has fresh drinking water as this can also cause a smell in the house.

  • Tip # 4: Clean the Toys

Just like you wash your pets’ dishes, you also need to clean your pet’s toys. They love playing with toys and throwing them here and there. If your pet also loves stuffed toys and animals, then you should remember to wash them in the washing machine. If you want to avoid damaging them, you should keep in mind to inspect them before putting them in the machine. Often, some toys are not washable in the washing machine; hence, you can clean and wash them with your hands.

We hope you find these tips helpful to get rid of the pet odor and stains in your house.

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