Tips to Prevent Water Damage

///Tips to Prevent Water Damage

Tips to Prevent Water Damage

Water damage can devalue your property and can incur heavy expenses as repairing the damage done to the property, the furniture, the wiring and electronics is a technical process and can cost a lot of money. Water damage can be caused due to several reasons such as heavy snows or rains, floods, broken underground pipes, and leakages from garden hoses, automatic watering systems, washing machines, and dishwashers.

To avoid heavy financial loses, it is a good idea to take the steps necessary to prevent water damage. Although, you cannot prevent water damage caused by natural phenomena, but you can do the following to ensure that any damage done is limited:

Shut off the supply when going for a holiday

If you’re leaving your home for a holiday, it is a good idea to shut off the valve of the main water in case there is any leakage in the underground pipes, or if you have left a tap slightly turned on by mistake. You should also shut off the valve of the pipe that leads to the washing machine to prevent an accidental overflow of water while you aren’t at home.

Have valves installed for water lines under toilets, sinks and the pipes outside your house

The advantage of having valves installed for smaller pipes is that you won’t have to shut off the main supply every time there is a fault or any leaks in the pipes. Leakages in the kitchen pipes or the toilets are common, so you can just shut off the valves of the smaller pipes instead of disrupting the water supply of the entire house.

Take leaks seriously

Every drop matters. Small leaks around electrical appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, coolers, water heaters, dishwashers and air conditioners can cause a lot of water damage. In addition, the moisture can cause the growth of molds which can result in several health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to pay due attention to leaks as soon as they are discovered.

Keep checking your water pressure

If you notice a significant decrease in your water pressure, then you should definitely call in a professional to check if there is a leakage in any of the pipes.

Be aware of the maintenance required

If you think the pipes are collecting rust, or if the roof is leaking, or if you see the surface of the walls or floor being bloated, then you should get it maintained and try to get any damage fixed.

Make sure the pipes of electrical appliances are in proper shape

Keep checking the hoses of your washing machine, or the pipe of your dishwasher to ensure they don’t have any cracks on them that could allow the water to leak. After you are done using them, you should take off the hoses in your garden and shut the valves of the pipes of electrical appliances so they do not have water stored inside them.

Don’t let heavy dirt or items down your pipes

When washing dishes in the kitchen, make sure you throw away all the solid waste in the trash so it doesn’t go down and clog the pipes. The same applies for clothes that are heavily soiled – don’t wash them in the washing machine.

Keep your pipes well pumped


It is necessary to have your drains pumped regularly as clogged pipes can burst due to pressure and this can cost you a lot in the form of maintenance. Moreover, it can also cause water to leak on the floor and damage it, or trigger the growth of molds in the grout of your tiles.

Keep an eye on your utility bills

An increase in your water bills either means you have been wasting too much water, or you have a leakage in the pipes. Water bills are usually consistent so higher bills are most likely caused by the latter option.

You know what you need to do in case of water damage…

If you are getting higher utility bills, feeling that the water pressure has become lower, or seeing bloated marks on wooden walls or flooring, then there are chances that your home has been affected with water damage and needs to be restored by a certified professional water restoration company so that your loss can be minimized.

On Time Steam Cleaning uses advanced tools and equipment to ensure fast restoration of water damage in your home. Therefore, if you suspect water damage in your home or in your office, then you should call On Time Steam Cleaning NY at 1.888.512.2055 to speak to their service experts and get their water restoration crew to fix your property.


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